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    Tue Mar 13 19:09:55 2018
    CenterStage97 posted in Tour of my above ground base.

    Looks great!

  2. Tue Jan 2 08:04:57 2018
    CenterStage97 posted in Tour of my main base.

    Looks incredible! Wish I had a base like that :)

  3. Sun Dec 24 00:35:54 2017
    CenterStage97 posted in Server down?.

    Y'know, if you warp it back to like 2 days ago I'd still have my base :) loljk
    Hope it's back up soon!

  4. Thu Jul 27 03:28:04 2017
    CenterStage97 started the conversation CenterStage97's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name:
    Reason for your ban:
    Chat Violation: Caps/Spam
    Why should you be unbanned:
    What I did in the first place was type out the word "banned" with space between the letters "b a n n e d". I've done this many times before without repercussions. This is my first time back on the server in awhile so I thought there wouldn't be a problem. Now I know not to type that way again.

  5. Thu Jul 27 03:22:07 2017
    CenterStage97 joined the forum.