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    Mon Mar 12 00:49:13 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Livestream - March 11.

    @NerdieBirdieYT The livestream is available here.


  2. Fri Mar 9 06:09:50 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Best Jokes You Have..

    What does dark humor and a child with cancer have in common?

    It never gets old.

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 27 03:58:35 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in New Faction, join E.V.I.L. today!.

    You should have an application forum for those that want to apply to your faction instead of having a base to welcome new members. That base can get raided pretty easily. An application isn't the most secure way of keeping moles out, but it's better than having a meeting base.

  4. Sun Feb 25 21:27:11 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in goodbye.

    I hope that we can still talk to each other on Transport Central. I still haven't met that one kid you told me about that was interested in geography and transportation. I still want to meet him at some point in time.

  5. Sat Feb 24 22:25:44 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @MistakeMade Then I most likely didn't delete your questions since you claim that they all had one correct answer.

  6. Sat Feb 24 22:01:44 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @MistakeMade @Hijacked96 I put correct on all my questions, you must be talking of someone else. I've only sent one I didn't send anymore yet.

    Is this you?

  7. Sat Feb 24 04:37:03 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @MistakeMade How many are currently submitted

    Also: The reason why I made you confirm that you selected a correct answer was so that you would go back and say "correct" next to them. For all of the questions you put in, none of them said correct. Looks like I got a lot of rejected questions.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 22 22:34:02 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @MistakeMade Unfortunately you can only fill out the form once.

    Try making more questions now.

  9. Wed Feb 21 23:06:21 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Oh snap you're right, I just assumed it was CM-based trivia.

    Welp. Sorry @Hijacked96 , feel free to remove my answer, because no one outside CM would know.

    Just because it isn't CM-Based trivia doesn't mean that you can't submit CM-based questions. However, I do encourage everyone to make trivia questions outside of CraftyMynes.

  10. Wed Feb 21 22:45:46 2018
    Hijacked96 posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @BaronBattleBread That is unacceptable...We need to fix it.

    Care to fill out the question forum with a question? That would help me out a lot.

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