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    Sun Jan 14 16:17:32 2018

    It was only the god set
    But it was replaced with leather

  2. Sun Jan 14 15:53:52 2018

    So as you may already know uh well I changed my name and lost my whole entire god set unfairly and it was replaced with a leather tunic. Please if you are an admin may I have my set back, I was not killed and no one has it. It was replaced when I logged on. I just want it back that's all.

  3. Thu Jan 11 03:28:35 2018
    Gminipug14 posted in bgmg's tank.

    Ohh so you he that

  4. Mon Jan 8 02:50:25 2018
    Gminipug14 posted in The "Flesh Vs. Scales" Challenge.


  5. Sat Jan 6 03:37:17 2018

    There’s still hope :P

    (Btw Nice video deyahruhd :D)

  6. Mon Nov 13 03:03:06 2017
    Gminipug14 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    I usually enjoy wearing god armor-
    Reasons— POWER!!
    But other times I like to show off my skin when I’m not in much danger :)

  7. Sun Oct 22 20:07:45 2017
    Gminipug14 started the conversation Buying A Double Chest Full Of Glass.

    Hey guys I’m buying a double chest full of glass... Don’t Ask..........
    But yeah.
    I’ll Give You 10 DB For The Glass
    Msg Me Or Catch Me In Game
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Sun Oct 22 18:44:17 2017
    Gminipug14 posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    Let’s hope the faction stays strong! :D

  9. Sat Oct 7 14:13:03 2017

    Katniss Everdeen

  10. Sun Sep 24 14:28:44 2017
    Gminipug14 posted in Hold that L.

    We had a blast fighting u sharp and not to mention u got so desperate when we were fighting u went with arrow spamming me to eat a gapple
    But we did put up a good fight and that's to admit yourself.

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