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  1. 7 months ago
    Sun Mar 4 23:57:12 2018
    TimeKing297 started the conversation lol xd?.

    just wanted to share this when I came on to see whats going on with the server -image- xd. ?

  2. Sun Feb 25 14:12:46 2018
    TimeKing297 started the conversation goodbye.

    well this is it. I'm not coming back. if I ever do I'm coming back on a alt. well this is goodbye. for good -mineseyecraft

  3. Mon Feb 19 22:13:07 2018
    TimeKing297 posted in Word Association.

    Only 4444 more comments to go people!

  4. 8 months ago
    Sun Feb 18 01:20:40 2018
    TimeKing297 posted in Faction Anthems.

    Team optic theme 4 life

  5. Wed Feb 14 22:43:54 2018

    now you must face the challenge of my problem!

  6. Wed Feb 14 22:41:43 2018

    Congrats! @Tez1010 has won!

  7. Tue Feb 13 23:22:19 2018

    Don't want to give to much of the bad away so that's why I'm only showing 2 Pics

  8. Tue Feb 13 00:28:25 2018

    @MistakeMade whats your ign

  9. Mon Feb 12 22:58:54 2018

    prizes have been updated!

  10. Mon Feb 12 22:08:13 2018

    so the day has come. i am going to leave the craftymynes community. not completely, i still may come on to hang out but nothing much.

    1. 32db
    2. 15gb
    3. 15eb
    4. my base, but what I like to call it is HQ
    5. a few shulkers of supplies
    6. a tour of my project
    7. snowgolem egg
    8. creeper head
    9. 3 slime stacks
    10. 20 ib

    it is a small base but, very rich. a tour will come out soon; all you have to do is leave a comment down bellow, i will randomly pick using <-- i will use that to choose. everyone will be entered as long as they comment, and if you get picked you just have to solve a simple problem. i will draw in 2 days. also @rnc2011 your head will be put in good hands :)


    ( inspiration from @Scrappy_Dont )

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