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  1. 2 months ago
    Sun Nov 25 05:07:59 2018

    @Inyashi Prices on beacons, wither skulls, elytras, shulker shells and boxes, dragon heads and end rods reduced.

    ;( when you buy a day before prices change

  2. 5 months ago
    Sun Sep 16 10:29:19 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    I have not been on this for a while xd

  3. 11 months ago
    Mon Feb 19 04:52:55 2018

    @OtherGreenGamer Whoops, didn't see this. It already had sold at the time.

    I don’t mind lol, haven’t been on for a good amount of time in a while

  4. last year
    Wed Feb 14 04:58:22 2018

    I guess I will take it lol

  5. Tue Feb 13 04:50:59 2018

    Sorry I know these cords but will enter for the lols

  6. Sun Feb 4 03:23:52 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Contest for my base.

    I llove this base, and Ii would love to have it :D

  7. Sun Feb 4 03:21:08 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @humfrydog good price on god swords


  8. Mon Jan 22 10:40:27 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @banaanzxcvbnm @RockinRicky2 i am online if its suits you


  9. Sun Jan 21 10:12:29 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @banaanzxcvbnm My order will be:
    1 god sword-----------------------7DB
    1 god fishing rod----------------1DB
    1 god pickaxe (silk_touch)---3DB
    1 god pickaxe (Fortune)------3DB
    1 god axe (silk_touch)---------4DB
    1 god set----------------------------9DB
    1 god shovel (silk_touch)-----3DB


    I am assuming the god set has thorns and normal Protection_IV
    I am not sure when but within the next 12 hours i will be online.

    Order ready, I really should write this up the top but tell me If you want thorns... it will cost another db
    And yes it has pros 4 and all the other god enchants

  10. Sat Jan 20 21:41:18 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Durinôr.

    That looks amazing

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