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  1. last year
    Mon Apr 29 09:45:21 2019
    RockinRicky2 posted in Community Piggy Bank!.

    @CraftyMyner It's literal votes, like votes on MCSL.

    oh right

  2. Sun Apr 28 08:35:47 2019
    RockinRicky2 posted in Community Piggy Bank!.

    How do I vote for my friend Hellicutter?

  3. Sun Apr 28 07:56:07 2019
    RockinRicky2 posted in Buying VIP rank for my friend.

    @Tez1010 Get him to vote so he can be included in the piggy bank thing for free vip

    Tez I wasn't quite sure how to do that

  4. Sun Apr 28 03:22:58 2019
    RockinRicky2 started the conversation Buying VIP rank for my friend.

    Hello all,

    It was recently my friends birthday and he is a really deserving fellow. He has great humour while also being very mature. Recently I was thinking of giving him a rank and was wondering if anyone reading this post will be able to not only help me but him. I will be willing to do mostly anything that isn't outrageous. This can include in game items or many other things. I hope that someone here will be able to help me and my friend as we are striving to making a couple youtube videos about this server.

    Quick plug our channel is called Night Scouts
    and mine is RockinRicky2

    I would really appreciate if anyone could help me. His username is Hellicutter and is quite knowledgeable about Minecraft. If there are any kind folks out there please feel free to comment on this post or private message me. I am open to chat about it on discord.

    Thank you very much,

  5. Sun Sep 16 10:29:19 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    I have not been on this for a while xd

  6. 2 years ago
    Mon Feb 19 04:52:55 2018

    @OtherGreenGamer Whoops, didn't see this. It already had sold at the time.

    I don’t mind lol, haven’t been on for a good amount of time in a while

  7. Wed Feb 14 04:58:22 2018

    I guess I will take it lol

  8. Tue Feb 13 04:50:59 2018

    Sorry I know these cords but will enter for the lols

  9. Sun Feb 4 03:23:52 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Contest for my base.

    I llove this base, and Ii would love to have it :D

  10. Sun Feb 4 03:21:08 2018
    RockinRicky2 posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @humfrydog good price on god swords


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