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    Thu Nov 2 08:32:09 2017
    MissAngelic posted in Why do you play Minecraft ?.

    I'm not allowed to play with dirt irl

  2. Wed Nov 1 15:57:24 2017
    MissAngelic posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    ≧◡≦≧◡≦≧◡≦ Im a bootiful butterfly

  3. Wed Nov 1 12:37:21 2017

    @Venetorem i would post a picture of the city, but it's kinda too big to load all at the same time =P

    Oh wow, I love the trees (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ The boat is really awesome :D good job!

  4. Wed Nov 1 12:35:33 2017

    @humfrydog These are the best photos with shaders on of the Dragon statue all finished


    Are you fking serious? A DRAGON? thats soooo cool :o im speechless

  5. Tue Oct 31 18:10:44 2017

    @Cileklim https://forum.craftymynes.com/6948-harvestar-showcase-savannah-base

    Thats such a cute city! the shaders really compliment it well. I love when you can see peoples "personalities" in their builds. :D Was it griefed im really confused by the comments of the post? I hope not :(

  6. Tue Oct 31 17:41:11 2017

    @Nysic Not quite sure of the timeline maybe 8 months, ever since our last base got found and trashed.

    I honestly hope your base won't be found, this is truly a nice place !

  7. Tue Oct 31 16:19:39 2017

    @Nysic -image-

    OH woooow! how long did it take for you to build this beautiful piece ? :o That's incredible :D

  8. Tue Oct 31 16:18:13 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT -image-

    I'm sure others will completely put me to shame with incredible builds, but here's my mediocre custom portal on the server. (:

    Thats a really fun portal ! :D

  9. Tue Oct 31 13:42:07 2017
    MissAngelic started the conversation Have you built anything amazing on the server?.

    I'm very curious to see how creative people are. Have you made any cool builds that you would like to share?
    - I think it's so awesome too see what people can build in pure survival mode! what about you?

  10. Tue Oct 31 11:09:07 2017
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