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    Thu Sep 1 19:07:25 2016
    Atheod posted in New Haxington Skin.


  2. Wed Mar 16 05:01:49 2016
    Atheod posted in Taking a break.

    Long Live Tusk Tower!

  3. Tue Mar 15 18:11:03 2016
    Atheod posted in Roast I_like_cashews!.

    I prefer walnuts, almonds, and pistachios.....

  4. Tue Mar 15 18:09:58 2016
    Atheod posted in Elytra auction on Wedensday.

    I'll offer 45 diamonds.

  5. Tue Mar 15 01:09:25 2016
    Atheod posted in Tusk Tower.

    @Elephant_Parade Wow! What a coincidence! Somebody just rebuilt Tusk Tower, and—get this!—they used obsidian!

    My thanks to whoever did it! There are a few minor mistakes—the upper road and floor are raised a block—but it's definitely easier to work with than a crater.

    Hmmmm, I wonder who that could be..... :D

  6. Mon Mar 14 17:56:43 2016
    Atheod posted in What are you listening to?.

  7. Mon Mar 14 10:02:10 2016
    Atheod posted in What are you listening to?.

  8. Sun Mar 13 06:42:08 2016
    Atheod posted in Soviets thoughts: Dishonesty.

    However Gnome (and David) did attack, murder Elephant_Parade, and burned down Tusk Tower tonight...

    David should not receive full blame. Gnome had a part in this too.

    Hopefully a lesson was learned.

  9. Sun Mar 13 06:36:04 2016
    Atheod posted in Tusk Tower.

    Tonight Tusk Tower was attacked by Gnome_Child and David, defended by myself and Elephant_Parade.


    In the end, I believe, justice was served.

    Long live Tusk Tower!!!

  10. Mon Mar 7 07:39:21 2016
    Atheod posted in 1.9 Villager Trade Info.

    IMO, do not make blaze rods a common trade. The server should keep things 'harder' and more tedious then everybody having access to everything 24-7. Make people go find a blaze spawner in the nether. Make them get it through trading with others.

    *The more player interaction, the better the server develops.*

    Ghast tears are a pain in the butt to get, however. IMO keep the good stuff out of the auto trade zones. Let the economy rest in the players' hands.

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