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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 11 23:00:28 2021
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.

    not him

  2. Wed Jan 6 11:43:42 2021
    DonCake posted in QuantumRocket's ban appeal.

    Botting is a form of cheating and puts you in the same category as a hacker for giving you unfair advantage over other players who play the game as intended to be played.
    Also, I saw you x-raying ancient debris, so don't lie that you did not use it.

    There's nothing refined when it comes to cheating, you're just making a fool of yourself.

    I won't even comment on the rest of your statement.

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Jan 2 01:16:52 2021
    DonCake posted in SurvivalsWraith Ban Appeal.

    Greetings, SurvivalsWraith,

    I am the mod who banned you for spamming / capsing the main chat.

    I do not know about your PMs - what I do know though is that it's not the first time you've been warned for breaking chat rules, not only by myself, but also from other staff members.
    Please keep in mind that although this is a minor violation, it gets annoying having to repeat ourselves various times.

    With that said, since this is your very first ban appeal, it will be lifted in one day, after this response.

    P.S. Further chat violations will end in longer bans, so be mindful.

  4. Thu Dec 31 23:42:17 2020
    DonCake posted in Pretty Colors!.


  5. Thu Dec 31 23:39:55 2020
    DonCake posted in Pretty Colors!.


  6. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 27 21:15:47 2020
    DonCake posted in IIIIIIgitt´s Ban Appeal.

    Greetings, IIIIIIgitt o/

    I was the mod who banned you back then for using X-ray indeed.

    While I appreciate your honesty and understand you wish to play again with your friends on CraftyMynes, I must point out that you had the knowledge of how cheating is taken very seriously from one of your friends who was banned for joking about it that time. That itself demonstrates you knew about it but you decided to do it anyway.

    If you were to be given a second chance, every other person who was banned before for cheating would also have to be eligible for a pardon, and we cannot risk the server's integrity nor economy and also since we cannot be constantly monitoring players caught cheating before, every account banned from using hacked clients remains banned, so I'm afraid I cannot pardon you. Sorry.

    I wish you happy holidays and good luck out there. o/

  7. 3 months ago
    Wed Oct 7 22:21:13 2020
    DonCake posted in :).

    Happy birthday, @littleblueflame , hope you've had fun!

  8. 4 months ago
    Thu Sep 24 15:14:26 2020
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.


  9. Sat Sep 19 17:53:24 2020
    DonCake posted in New Word Association.


  10. Fri Sep 18 15:09:48 2020

    Greetings, LewisCullyham,

    I was the mod who banned you.

    Whether or not you had a past on cheating, I do not know.
    However, I've been a good while watching you and I beg to differ - you were poking holes on the ground and tunneling through in order to get to different chests wherever you would roam, even hidden bases underground.
    Cheating is strictly forbidden, because it gives you an advantage over other players, resulting in a permanent ban.

    With that said, I'm afraid I cannot lift your ban: appeal denied.

    Good luck elsewhere o/

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