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  1. yesterday
    Sat Jan 20 15:21:37 2018
    sknup posted in Build designs .

    Height i was thinking somewhere 10 to 15 high

  2. 2 days ago
    Sat Jan 20 04:04:32 2018
    sknup posted in Build designs .

    As long as i can see enough to copy it

  3. Sat Jan 20 03:44:16 2018
    sknup posted in Build designs .

    I need to be able to see it so cm is best place

  4. Sat Jan 20 02:46:50 2018
    sknup started the conversation Build designs .

    The barony of sknup is well underway and it will soon be time to build the walls of my massive sky castle so looking for design ideas to copy and build as planned the wall will be 10,380 blocks long with a tower in the major corners i would like it to be at least 3 blocks wide or 5+ if it has a hallway inside participants will need to build the sample wall i will award prices for first second and third as well as a commemorative plaque to the person whos design I whined up using, place in the Barony of sknup

  5. Sat Jan 20 02:34:39 2018
    sknup posted in Inventory during IGN change.

    Ive thought about a name change minecraft is the only game i dont use my normal moniker but after so long sknup is well established on craftymynes

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jan 5 01:54:21 2018

    Glad i stay neutral

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Dec 28 23:27:36 2017
    sknup posted in NEED URGENT HELP.

    Been getting this a lot too when my connection is shit

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 22 17:43:29 2017


  9. Tue Dec 19 22:15:31 2017
    sknup posted in the Barony of sknup.

    Its far from done

  10. Tue Dec 19 20:51:04 2017
    sknup posted in the Barony of sknup.

    @HaloNest I don't like it, not my thing :/

    Of course not, its my thing, its not the barony of halonest

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