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    Wed Mar 20 16:12:54 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @SharpSerac nah you were second. no shame in that though! there is shame, however, in lying to not only yourself but to others as well

    @FieryPhoenix64 Hang on, isnt this a thread for a shop, not for arguing about who came up with the tag first?

    Youre right, this dosnt belong here, if you want to talk about that fraud idol you can pm me on discord or here sharp or make a new thread.

  2. Wed Mar 20 15:13:45 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @SharpSerac i know the real VoiD irl and have met him many times, he was very popular back in the day and still is to this day. he's sponsored by Counter Logic Gaming, which is pretty huge in the world of esports. smash player void wins no contest

    I came up witht he name when i was in hs and started tagging around town, he probably saw it and copied me, which is okay.

  3. Wed Mar 13 19:57:36 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    Totems of undying added!

  4. Wed Mar 13 19:55:11 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @SharpSerac career just means he was getting paid for it, he was first

    He seems to have started around mid 2012, i started using it around early 2012 to late 2011. I was first.

  5. Tue Mar 12 21:55:00 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @SharpSerac Nah he was first

    naw his a fraud, according to his wiki he started his career in 2015, I made my tag around 2011-2012

  6. Tue Mar 12 20:19:27 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @SharpSerac team VoiD? you stole the name of a smash bros competitor, capitalization and all xd

    He stole it from me ive used VoiD for 7-8ish years now

  7. Sun Mar 3 01:40:56 2019
    _hallowed posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    @FieryPhoenix64 Just wondering, what does VoiD stand for / mean?

    to take away and negate, and vast emptiness as well

  8. Fri Mar 1 03:54:46 2019
    _hallowed started the conversation Team VoiD's Shop.

    Aquatic Goods

    -image-Conduits: 2 db each (includes prismarine)
    -image- Prismarine x64: 2 dia each stack
    -image-Scute: 2 dia each
    -image-Turtle Shell: 1 db each
    -image-Turtle Eggs: 4 dia each

    Nether Goods

    -image-Nether wart x64: 2 dia each stack

    Mined Goods

    -image-Lapis x64: 3 dia each stack

    -image-Redstone Blocks x64: 2 db each stack

    -image-Coal Blocks x64: 2 db each stack

    -image-Totem of Undying: Negotiable

    More Items coming soon.

    celeneandcambria runs shop when I'm offline.

  9. Sun Feb 24 21:04:08 2019
    _hallowed posted in Getting Kicked for being AFK.

    @Zaper8 Can I use a auto clicker for the fish farm? Its that or I tape down my right mouse key and that leaves a weird residue on it.

    While holding down right click disconnect your mouse and it'll keep right clicking.

  10. Thu Jan 24 11:07:19 2019
    _hallowed joined the forum.