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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 4 18:02:28 2021
    Slainte_Alainn posted in Gelta's VPN Ban Appeal.


  2. 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 26 16:32:20 2021
    Slainte_Alainn posted in InfernalColonel's ban appeal.

    I watched you for a time. It was clearly evident that you were using xray as you dug straight to several veins of diamonds.
    Xray or any kind of cheats is a permanent ban. Appeal denied.

  3. 7 months ago
    Sun Mar 14 20:43:41 2021
    Slainte_Alainn posted in ittzzjojo ban appeal.

    As I’m not the mod that banned you, I won’t have a say on whether you’re pardoned or not.
    But I imagine that this appeal won’t be sufficient.
    I suggest you try again.

  4. last year
    Fri Jul 10 23:20:01 2020
    Slainte_Alainn posted in Polly wants a cracker v2.

    lol... wtf is “Polly wants a cracker v2”?

  5. Thu Apr 30 05:55:04 2020
    Slainte_Alainn posted in New Word Association.


  6. Sun Apr 26 04:24:42 2020
    Slainte_Alainn started the conversation Buying Records.

    Looking to buy record 11 and or Ward.

  7. Mon Apr 13 17:19:02 2020
    Slainte_Alainn posted in New Word Association.


  8. Sat Apr 4 01:57:22 2020
    Slainte_Alainn posted in Imperfectpenguins Ban Appeal #2.

    I’m not going to speak for the admin that banned you as it’s their decision whether you’ll be unbanned or not.
    But considering your lack of sincerity, and the fact that you seem to have failed to understand what is wrong about your “joke”, I would not accept this as an appeal.
    I suggest you try again.

  9. Thu Apr 2 16:13:03 2020

    A few issues with this thought.

    If it kicks a player that has over 500 entities and that player was alone at the time then the chunks will simply unload. Items do not despawn in unloaded chunks, so the entities would still be there when the player was allowed back online.
    Then the player would get kicked again because the entities are still over 500. It would be an endless loop.

    Also, how would they ever get picked up? If any player got kicked once 500 entities were reached anyone that went near the entities would be kicked and not able to clean up the mess.

  10. Mon Mar 30 17:43:55 2020
    Slainte_Alainn started the conversation Looking to buy quartz.

    I'm looking to buy quartz by the shulker full. As much as anyone can sell!

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