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    Wed Aug 5 17:33:02 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in Buying elytra/G tools/books.

    @SeverusSn1pe "every book"

    Well it's true so...

  2. 2 days ago
    Tue Aug 4 12:48:43 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in Buying elytra/G tools/books.

    @Imperfectpenguin If anyone has an elytra, god tools, and good books may I buy??

    CBFB has every book for sale so hit up sareew, Marvin, scootle, akuro, or hooman to get some.

  3. 5 days ago
    Sat Aug 1 02:12:39 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in Motivation thread?.

    I have 123 in my name so I can count up to that!

  4. 6 days ago
    Thu Jul 30 18:53:25 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in New Word Association.

    @Venetorem bougie


  5. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jul 20 03:22:52 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in New Word Association.

    @Venetorem Spawn


  6. Fri Jul 17 15:32:21 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in Flexecution!!!.

    Nether Quest completed :D
    Pretty challenging and fun, definitely worth the grind!

  7. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 9 01:32:14 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in Boonk Gang Jr. Application.

    @deyahruhd Accepted~!


  8. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 26 21:32:04 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in No Spawn End Portal.

    I don't believe that players joining the server late into the reset should have to deal with obsidian covered and lava-casted end portals along with people tp trapping them saying they have an end home. While I also understand that there are a tremendous amount of kind players who actually would have a legitimate teleport for those new players needing it in the end, new players less willing or trusting to do so, should have the ability to access an already mass-looted end from spawn.

  9. Fri Jun 26 20:09:53 2020
    ryanandrew123 posted in No Spawn End Portal.

    @TueJei So I think it would be better if there wasn't an end portal at spawn this update since the server just reset to 1.16. Having no end portal at spawn creates more opportunities to explore and makes the game harder. I also feel like it will make the community market more balanced because you actually have to find the portal and then go get the end items instead of the portal just being there and flying a few thousand blocks. This will make the prices for elytras, shulkers, etc... more expensive and make the game more fun overall

    There currently isn't a end portal in spawn and it is usually added weeks or months into the new map. A lack of an end portal is good to make the beginning egg run a lot more difficult. But months into the wipe, when all of the major players have homes far out in the end, it can only serve to help new players as they join.

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 23 03:00:41 2020
    ryanandrew123 started the conversation Grateful Memories.

    As we go into a new chapter in the server's history I just wanted to post a collection of builds, moments, and memories I have been lucky to witness in my relatively short time here.

    My first decoration home:
    The Ghast Party:
    My Melon room:
    BoonkGangBarracks: (About two weeks before it was destroyed)
    My First Home:
    A Mooshroom Infestation:
    Wealth Room:
    Dejean and Densortninja Raid
    BIG Phantom
    My Criminal Record:

    While there are so many other memories, moments, and builds I could show off I don't want to keep this too long. I've appreciated every single one of the memories and friends i've made and I can't wait to make many many more!

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