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    Fri Jan 13 13:12:53 2023
    Compos started the conversation sculk catyalyst in spawn.

    if a mob dies near a sculk cataylyst and there is sculk near by, the sculk spreads.

    I guess it has not been a problem and probably will refrain from ever being one. but i am worried. a player might be able to bring eggs and spawn chickens and kill them. to cause the sculk to spread i am not sure how far it would spread.

    or the sheep and pigs that spawn in spawn may be breed and killed.

    i guess i am not 100% certain how far sculk spreads or if it is an issue. and maybe it has been looked into and not an issue?

  2. 7 months ago
    Sat Aug 6 13:01:01 2022
    Compos posted in are we back up?.

    I think north america had internet problems.

  3. 8 months ago
    Mon Jul 25 12:51:42 2022
    Compos posted in New player spawn point.

    oh i meant the pauses after a player teleport's when the map is being loaded. it is kind of cool, i do not know how true it is, but i think i can tell the size of a players base by how long the game freezes after someone types/teleports .home

  4. Sat Jul 23 13:35:00 2022
    Compos posted in New player spawn point.

    I do like the idea too, a lot of players join thinking "vanillia" and get sad that there are commands and teleport's. I get sad about the pauses when players teleport.

    but i think there was a hacking client that used "." for the hacking commands. so players needing to type .wild to leave spawn is a unexpected anti hacking. however i have not seen any players complain .wild does not work so maybe that hacking client is not common anymore.

  5. Wed Jul 20 15:42:16 2022
    Compos started the conversation Server AI is dead? .

    Some of the server commands that used a "?" like joke? , time?, fact? thank you server. ,

    have stopped working. I am not sure if this is intentional or not?

  6. last year
    Fri Apr 2 10:35:36 2021
    Compos started the conversation april fools joke?.

    I just had a default player say they see a "test diamonds" on the right of their screen. I was wondering if an admin/mod can come online and see if when they are default if they get it too?

  7. 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 4 16:16:11 2020
    Compos started the conversation Lava buckets in spawn?.

    So one of the facts is lava buckets are auto removed from player inventory near spawn,

    and one of the rules is no lava buckets in spawn.

    however as a boundary tester. i found out i can use .spawn and still have a lava bucket in my inventory. it is not auto removed.

    I am wondering should we edit the rules page about lava buckets? Or should we keep it hush hush about lava buckets not being auto removed from players inventory?

    i gave myself a warning about lava buckets in spawn.

  8. Sun Nov 8 16:18:17 2020
    Compos started the conversation Spawn city tic tac toe! .

    I thought it would be fun to make a lever controlled tic tac toe game.


    there is a grid of levers to toggle the 0 and another gird to toggle the x's

    Here is a random sign to tell if it is day or not day


    some one else made this pumpkin pvp arena


    I wonder if it is possible to make a game that a character jumps when a button is pushed. maybe that would be too complicated for me.

  9. Wed Sep 23 15:53:45 2020
    Compos started the conversation high KD? Hack calling? .

    When someone does "kd?" to show the kills to death ratio. when there are no deaths and a high kills, the comment it states is " I CALL HAXX"

    Now i super enjoy seeing that comment so i hope it does not change. however we do not like players accusing others of hacks in public chat and i kind of feel it to be bad forum for the server to have an auto trigger hack accusation in public chat. it seems to suggest that it is ok to call hacks in public chat.

    I am hoping other players can chime in with reasons why it is ok. Maybe everyone knows that the server saying it is ok and that it is only players who should not. maybe some players agree that this could be confusing line to follow for new players?

    So my suggestion would be finding a different statement for players with high kills and low deaths just to make it easier for players.

    Again I do enjoy seeing the statement, kills 129 deaths 0 I CALL HAXX, it is super fun to see. so I am not really sure if this is worth changing. And I might be the only one with friction with the statement.

    p.s. I do love seeing the kill death ratio it does make me smile.

  10. Thu Aug 27 19:50:55 2020
    Compos posted in Volcano destroyed my town! .

    The volcano got cleaned up. so it is good!

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