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    Fri Dec 3 22:03:38 2021
    Verminator2 started the conversation questions.

    Sup so I got a few questions

    1. Is overworld gold farms allowed?
    2. Is the nether roof allowed?
    3. Will the low tps / lag be fixed once a proper paper / spigot comes out?


  2. Fri Dec 3 15:11:27 2021
    Verminator2 started the conversation Discord ban I'm guessing?.

    Hey guys. I can't join the discord lol. I looked over at my conversations and realized I had a altercation with some discord members a while ago. Haha I didn't even remember that happened till I checked the conversations. I'm really sorry about what happened, I'm not toxic like that anymore. If I could be pardoned then thats awesome, I'd like to be apart of the discord. If not then I understand.

    - Daofu

    Discord name: Dofni#6804

  3. 2 years ago
    Tue Nov 17 17:15:32 2020
    Verminator2 started the conversation Discord Ban Appeal #2 .

    Hello! I was banned from the discord yesterday for apparently disagreeing with a "contract" I made. Now before we even get into the good stuff, technically there's no rule or guideline that forces ANY players to not contact, tag, mention, etc in Discord, there is a option on discord called "block." This option is more appropriate for those who don't want a specific player messaging, tagging or mentioning them, its their choice to use this option. However IT IS more appropriate to ban / mute players who are advertising, constantly being toxic, blatant racism, etc. Basically everything the admins should be banning Discord members for, not banning them for "disagreeing" on a made up contract thats not even enforced within the server itself.

    That was the first topic I would like to address. That topic was explaining this "non-contact" agreement was made up, not a enforced rule and not required by any player regardless of what Staff say, I do not see a rule called "players are required to make non-contact agreement with players they do not fancy" and to my concern Staff are hired to enforce the RULES CREATED by the founder of the server correct? Not make up rules as they go along, if that is the case, then you might as well incinerate all the rules that were created years ago.

    Baron mentioned on my first ban appeal....
    "Looking through the discord, you werent having a conversation. You tagged him in a post. At no point did he direct anything twords you, despite your claim of an insult to the admin that asked why you were tagging him due to your "dont talk to me" agreement"

    I did not say I was having a conversation in Public Discord, that was an assumption. I was having a conversation via DM. Here is the proof!

    As you can clearly see it was a conversation held via DM. There wasn't any advertising, racist remarks, spamming, inappropriate gifs/pictures. No rules have been broken, therefore Staff are not needed. Now I could post the rest of the screenshots proving it was a legitimate conversation further about how college is useless, but unfortunately it has swearing and toxic behavior, not something for children to see, children are on the forums.

    Okay, we have now established the proof behind me having a conversation via DM about "college is useless" therefore proving it was a topic COMPLETELY different then the toxic conversations Deyah and I had, leading up to this made up "non-contact" agreement. Understand?

    As Baron quotes on his response to my previous Discord Ban Appeal...
    "could you guys please never say or use the emojis to indicate “shithole” or even talk to me or about me or anything related to me. Idc what you “technically meant” if it’s pointed to me in the slightest, don’t say it to me. Idc what you guys have to say, don’t talk to me"
    If it was actually read the correct way and fully understood you would realize I was asking THEM NOT TO contact me with toxicity, harassment or any toxic gestures, I'm sorry for leaving out a single word (toxic) that "defines" the entire request I made, should've been more clear. I did not say it wasn't okay for them to simply @ me with that single message alone, politely message me, or try to become friends, vise versa for me as well. I AGREED and so did THEY not to contact me with toxicity, harassment or any inappropriate behavior whatsoever, that was the agreement regardless of any "terms" or "messages" I made that indicate differently. And to my concern mentioning a player using the "@" button ALONE, is not toxic, is not harassment or anything that indicates me disagreeing with that made up "non-contact" agreement. Therefore no rules have been broken, there isn't a reason to ban me from the discord nor mute me. And the "non-toxic contract" I made has NOT been broken.

    Therefore the question STILL remains... which rule in the server says I'm not allowed to mention (@) players under the proper discord channel? That is if you read what I said correctly. Again, there is a difference between the "non-toxic contract" and simply mentioning players in discord regardless of past events. Also Staff should be able to allow players to reply on Ban Appeals, because Staff are human beings, they are not gods, they assume, they make mistakes, therefore players need to reply with something more understandable and intelligent. Clearly BaronBattleBread and other Staff did not understand this "contract" deyah and I created fully. I am not against the Staff nor am I trying to start problems. I fully respect the Staff and what they do in terms of protecting the server properly. I am simply proving the difference between this "contract" and mentioning a player in Discord. Again I did not imply/say in my "contract" they are not allowed to @ me, politely message me or try to be on good terms, I simply asked for BOTH our sides not to be toxic, message toxicity or harass one another, thank you.

  4. Mon Nov 16 22:31:44 2020
    Verminator2 posted in PvP Tournament! .

    @onionpaste crystal pvp on top

    anchor pvp on top fool

  5. Mon Nov 16 21:28:40 2020
    Verminator2 started the conversation Discord ban..

    I was banned from the discord today because the Staff couldn't explain to me a new rule I was unaware off, that rule being "Tagging players in the proper discord channel is against the rules". I had a issue with a player named Deyah (the one I tagged) a few weeks ago. I was told by Dawn (after trolling a troll) to stop *messaging* / DM them with offensive language, I agreed & asked them to do the same. Therefore no offensive language or any offensive alternative terms have been used since I agreed. Never did I agree not to tag PLAYERS in the discord regardless of past situations. After tagging Deyah, he decides to call me Stupid & continue to insult me. I had no intention of arguing or continuing a "offensive" conversation with him, I was simply making my point I made a few weeks ago valid. He said college is useless (which was a civil conversation to begin with) and we went on and on about it, until he insulted me, then we were no longer "on good terms" therefore creating the "non harassment" agreement. So if I was told not to *message* them with offensive terms or harass them due to our previous altercation. How does that situation (harassing, arguing, being offensive) have anything to do with the CIVIL CONVERSATION Deyah and I had in the beginning? Thats the first question! The second question is where in the server / discord does it say "Do not tag players under proper channels." Again I was not trying to escalate the altercation or turn back on my agreement I made. I was simply making my point valid I made weeks ago (Before the altercation even started). It was Dawn and the other players CHOICE to respond to me tagging Deyah under the YouTube link. I did not tag Dawn, I did not tag Deyahs friends, I tagged Deyah. I assume he did not ask Staff for me not tag him, instead he replies to it. Therefore making it OUR conversation, not anybody else's. It was also Baron & Dawns CHOICE to argue with me, not mine. I do not start arguments, I make points valid. Baron decides to contradict himself & gets confused when I make a valid point, therefore he bans me from the discord. It is completely fine for any player to @ me or have a convo with me in the Discord, not saying Dawn & Baron couldn't argue with me, I'm saying its their CHOICE to do so, & they get confused when I argue back with valid points. Do NOT start an argument if you do not know what you're talking about. Thank you.

  6. Wed Nov 4 00:40:41 2020

    Hello there Crafty Myners. Today on Discord I had an issue. A player by the name Deyahruhd is always a smart ass & toxic in discord chat & in-game chat.. Always has something to say to somebody else, apparently their known for pushing players buttons. Everytime I would say something in Discord (which doesn't happen often) Deyah says "florida is a sh*thole" because our first interaction I said I lived in Florida, then they said "florida is a sh*thole" & ever since then, everytime I typed in Discord thats what they would say. So I realized "well this kid is toxic 24/7, staff encourage it and don't care, so I'm gonna be toxic back" the whole point of this is was to see how corrupt the staff actually are, whether they would mute me, ban me, etc for being toxic back to toxic. Okay so first of all, I was targetting Deyahruhd specifically, I was being toxic to him just how he's toxic to everybody else. We go into this whole argument about coincidence & him purposely saying "florida is a shithole" everytime I type is a "coincidence" then he goes completely off topic talking about me personally, insulting me, assuming. Awesomecreeper50 was asking me about the tournament dates, I tried to stop the conversation with Deyah, but he kept going at me... We went back and forth back and forth, now mind you I was being the same toxic way back to Deyah as he was to me (Regardless of specific words or terms being used, its still the same meaning) Then we went on about how Team Eye, on how they failed as a team, ALL NORMAL server discussions... Then cankicker says "Whats Florida again?" and Deyah replies under " its a stinky sh*t hole until bt moves out of it" so now their back to being toxic WHILE the manager Dawn is watching... so we went from having a normal conversation to toxicity... so I was toxic back, simple. Their doing it why can't I? From there we just continue to bicker back and forth, all while staff were watching... So they knew I wasn't the instigator. Then Deyah claims I wasn't human, I replied with "There's only 1 race confirmed 100% human" One person directly questioned it, while others implied their curiosity through different forms of communication. I then decide to answer THE QUESTION THEY ASKED with "Africans are 100% humans (black people). White people are genetically modified by an alien race, they are 90% human, 10% Neanderthal" So I answered a questioned they asked scientifically. They then called me racist (ofc they did because their trolls) I then questioned EXACTLY how I was racist. One person quoted it saying "You said black people and white people" I then try and explain to them the words "white and black" aren't in any way, shape or form racist, that I was explaining it in scientific terms... Then littleblueflame, loodledeedoo, bambbin, awesomecreeper50, fatherelement, cankicker, deyah, iwarriori, geth were all being toxic & trolling me saying how I was racist, this that and the 3rd (its a long argument so me posting screenshots to prove would be a lot of work) so I just kept using the same energy they were using on me, I was also defending myself at this point instead of instigating it. I continued to question them, argue & try to prove myself right, I even posted a video with over 100k views explaining the same thing I just explained to them BY A AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE to prove I was right. They didn't seem to care, just continued to say non-sense and be toxic. The reason I'm making this post is because Bambbin (A mod) encouraged them, was toxic and even PM me "Hey man I'm not mad because the situation isn't just you. just know that deya and warrior pretty much just get people riled up and be controvertial. the biggest of trolls, I'll take note of them pushing other players' buttons in staff chat" basically offered to deal with the situation & apologized to me... but yet he continues to encourage them & doesn't do a thing about it. So Dawn comes in and keeps saying "stop, cut it out, cease the argument" but she doesn't do anything about it... so time pasts, we're still arguing..Then I get permanently muted from the discord... DeyahRuhd and everyone else did not get muted when their the instigators... even though dawn claimed to have "muted one person" it still doesn't make up for the other 10 people that were being toxic... Basically I'm pist because this is yet another situation where I'm wrongly punished, another example of pure staff abuse. Now mind you they were all in a voice call except me... so that takes away the reminder for Staff to be professional dealing with toxic players... doesn't make sense to me, this will probably get deleted by a staff for some made up reason, who knows....

  7. Tue Nov 3 20:34:15 2020
    Verminator2 posted in PvP Tournament! .

    Nvm guys Tournament is still set for Friday 8:00 PM EST USA! <3

  8. Tue Nov 3 16:11:35 2020
    Verminator2 posted in PvP Tournament! .

    @littleblueflame okay okay.... im in. but i dont pvp like ever so, be nice.

    Yes! That's what we wanted! We will be super nice. not aggressive, if you face me, hmmm who knows... maybe I'll let you beat me :P <3

  9. Mon Nov 2 22:32:47 2020
    Verminator2 posted in PvP Tournament! .

    @EHowy Im PUMPED this sounds so fun!!

    Heck yeah! Are you joining?

  10. Mon Nov 2 21:38:37 2020
    Verminator2 started the conversation PvP Tournament! .

    LonelyFlame & I are hosting a PvP tournament this Friday (11-6-20) at 8:00 PM EST standard time USA. (The date & time can change of course depending on how many players want to participate.) It’s recommended you bring very good gear (OP netherite), a pvp kit, & whatever else you’d like to bring as far as winning (totems, golden apples, potions, pearls all recommended) this will be a 1v1 tournament, myself & flame are participating & providing very good rewards!! :) each player will earn a diamond block for each round they win, therefore advancing them onto the next round.. all rounds come to the final last 2 players who will battle it off & gain 1st place!


    • 1st place; 10 DB + Maxed OP Netherite Armor + Tool Of Choice
    • 2nd place; 5 DB + 10 GB
    • 3rd place; 3 DB

    The Tournament will be held in a Mushroom Biome, therefore giving good frame rates & a spacious battleground! When players die they do not lose their items, instead I strongly advise all participants leave their gear where it’s at. This way everyone can have fun & no arguments will happen. Lonely_Flame will be providing 32 Golden Apples to each individual participant. Myself and Lonely_Flame will teleport all participants to the battleground! It’s honestly going to be very very fun even for those who don’t pvp much! This is a great way to up your skill level! Please PM either me or flame on discord or comment any questions, comments, concerns down below! We will answer them, we look forward to seeing everyone play :)

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