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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Mar 26 20:42:26 2024

    Make a new Discord server. Then you'll see how many people actually still interested in this shit, who tf joining a new discord server and not playing? And if people don't join, do something about lack of people or just leave it like you guys usually do! Got nothing to lose

  2. 9 months ago
    Sun Sep 24 20:01:18 2023

    @CommanderCat_ This still wouldn't solve the issue of the exploit itself so i'm not sure where you were planning to go with this. I've found several charged creepers, generally in highly populated areas like spawn city and whatnot. Although I have a suspicion that the charged creeper spawns can be taken up by the multiple GP farms on the server, as i've seen several in falling GP farms that survive because of their greater health. Something that'll be looked into. At the end of the day as a vanilla server we're more at the whims of mojang than some.

    Sorry for the slow reply. It was meant to demonstrate a small but important detail of the game that is no longer vanilla because of being more vanilla in definition.

  3. Fri Sep 22 23:28:27 2023

    I agreed with the past two posts, made by Shlocked and jard.

    I’d like to add one thing though, more on the “vanilla” gameplay aspect of things. Which I’d argue is more important than being vanilla in definition. There’s a feature on the server that is in place because thunder cannot be enabled due to an exploit. Thunderstorms. It’s a very important part of the game and makes things like certain Trident enchants and Lightning rods useless. Also because of this, it cuts out a feature in the game which allows you to make multiple unique mobs. The most important being charged creepers. This is because they have a special ability to drop another mobs head when they explode said mob.

    “But Crafty already has a solution to this”

    Yes, and to be brutally honest. A bad one. I can confidently say throughout hundreds of hours of gameplay over the past year or two I’ve never seen a single charged creeper. It’s all luck based. The only way I’ve found to get these heads is getting a rank which is placed behind a paywall. Which is a bit unfair

    And again, I know crafty mynes isn’t really “vanilla” when it comes to a gameplay’s perspective, but if you are even going to use the word vanilla and can’t come up for a better solution for disabling things. Just call yourself semi vanilla and just enable the thunderstorms.

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  5. Sun Sep 10 20:36:52 2023
    JackyBoy__ posted in Rnc Challenge.

    "ez" - Abraham Lincoln

  6. Sun Sep 10 20:27:14 2023
    JackyBoy__ posted in Rnc Challenge.

    its there you just cant watch it yet or sometihng

  7. Sun Sep 10 20:23:11 2023
    JackyBoy__ posted in Rnc Challenge.

    I got a video but my laptop is dying

  8. Mon Sep 4 22:51:34 2023
    JackyBoy__ posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    splitting hairs. Man still angry about his Lego game house going boom boom so he’s being difficult! Sad!

  9. Mon Sep 4 18:19:10 2023
    JackyBoy__ posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    Wouldn’t have these problems if the server was semi vanilla already. Shudda switched years ago when you guys said you would.

    Better running server, players knowing their shit won’t get leaked due to shit hacks which are way too common on non plug in servers by the way, wouldn’t have to make compromises like deleting old chunks which I don’t agree with(but hey that’s just me, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, deleting chunks actually has a few upsides).

    Only thing I can think of that the server would lose from going semi vanilla is “reputation” and some may believe parts of the community. But seeing how attached this community is despite the server having low player counts I personally think no matter what you change (as long as the changes are relatively small and still keep the same server feel) everyone will still stick around.

    Plugins doesn’t necessarily mean TP, Homes etc. You could keep all the systems that are in place if it would be easier. Just afew optimisation plugins and anti cheat I feel would go a LONG WAY for the server. Personally speaking I’ve seen infinitely more hackers on CM than any other server I’ve ever played and I’m summing it up to the server simply not having the same ability to boot the fuckers out or the server.

    Semi vanilla pls :>

  10. 11 months ago
    Wed Jun 28 23:10:54 2023
    JackyBoy__ started the conversation JackyChan's Ban Appeal.

    Ingame name: JackyChan

    Reason for ban: Chat violations

    The reason why I should be unbanned: This ban was a year or two ago, I think I have changed for the best since then by being way less toxic in chat. I apologize for anything I've said in the past on this account that has upset and offended people in any way, shape, or form.

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