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    Sun Dec 3 20:04:58 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in How do I upload pictures.

    When writing your reply, click the image icon, upload whatever picture you need to a site like imgur, then copy the link into the provided space.


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    CommanderCat_ posted in turn particles and hats on?.

    .particles and .hats I believe

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    Sat Sep 23 00:01:24 2023

    @JackyBoy__ I agreed with the past two posts, made by Shlocked and jard.

    I’d like to add one thing though, more on the “vanilla” gameplay aspect of things. Which I’d argue is more important than being vanilla in definition. There’s a feature on the server that is in place because thunder cannot be enabled due to an exploit. Thunderstorms. It’s a very important part of the game and makes things like certain Trident enchants and Lightning rods useless. Also because of this, it cuts out a feature in the game which allows you to make multiple unique mobs. The most important being charged creepers. This is because they have a special ability to drop another mobs head when they explode said mob.

    “But Crafty already has a solution to this”

    Yes, and to be brutally honest. A bad one. I can confidently say throughout hundreds of hours of gameplay over the past year or two I’ve never seen a single charged creeper. It’s all luck based. The only way I’ve found to get these heads is getting a rank which is placed behind a paywall. Which is a bit unfair

    And again, I know crafty mynes isn’t really “vanilla” when it comes to a gameplay’s perspective, but if you are even going to use the word vanilla and can’t come up for a better solution for disabling things. Just call yourself semi vanilla and just enable the thunderstorms.

    This still wouldn't solve the issue of the exploit itself so i'm not sure where you were planning to go with this. I've found several charged creepers, generally in highly populated areas like spawn city and whatnot. Although I have a suspicion that the charged creeper spawns can be taken up by the multiple GP farms on the server, as i've seen several in falling GP farms that survive because of their greater health. Something that'll be looked into. At the end of the day as a vanilla server we're more at the whims of mojang than some.

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    Fri Sep 15 16:39:13 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in Rnc Challenge 2.

    @Rillo89 Where do we show the proof. As vidos on discord?

    I would either publicly show on here, or dm a private video to RNC on discord yeah.

  5. Sun Sep 10 18:32:09 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in Rnc Challenge.

    We win these

  6. Mon Sep 4 20:41:15 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    @Schlocked now if you don't login for 6 months your base is deleted. sick! awesome addition

    I understand where you're coming from, but it isn't the biggest ask for someone to log in twice a year.

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    Fri Jul 28 00:02:51 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in ____Cash____ 's Ban Appeal.

    Appeal Denied

  8. Thu Jul 27 01:35:57 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in ____Cash____ Ban Appeal.

    As we state in our rules any form of cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. We hope you can find better luck elsewhere. Appeal denied.

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    Sat Jun 17 01:06:54 2023
    CommanderCat_ posted in Autoclicker Rule Question.

    You have been here long enough to know the answers to all of these questions and made them convoluted enough to be as arduous as possible to explain. This is dumb and you know it. Autoclicking simply isn't allowed, this isn't a new thing, or something that hasn't been explained a thousand times over. The only thing that gives me any pause is "paying the neighbors kid to click for you". That's not necessarily an autoclicker imo, but at the end of the day, why even say it? Who would even know? Is it really that difficult to click yourself? If so, find a different farming method.

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