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  1. 2 months ago
    Fri Jul 8 16:01:12 2022
    sprucebrine posted in Lavacast at Big Dig.

    just passing by the toxic chat here, don't mind me

  2. 3 months ago
    Sat Jul 2 06:40:08 2022
    sprucebrine posted in Base Tour.

    @JackyBoy__ = )

    you did the smile i call the timmy smile since timmy does it

  3. Sat Jul 2 06:38:59 2022
    sprucebrine posted in how does this forum work.

    you talk i guess? you can also appeal for bans and apply for staff

  4. Sat Jul 2 06:36:50 2022
    sprucebrine posted in I am blocked.

    @CraftyMyner Please do not post on other peoples posts regarding ban appeals.

    I'm sorry CraftyMyner, I will delete my post.

  5. Fri Jul 1 17:41:51 2022
    sprucebrine started the conversation sprucebrine's ban appeal.

    In Game Name: sprucebrine

    Reason for my ban: I tried to type the bee movie script, so I copied and pasted different chunks multiple times. The system read it as spam (Please watch the Caps/Character or Please watch the Spam/send rate)

    Why should I be unbanned: I thought bans were for more serious stuff, like saying slurs or sending death threats and not spam.

  6. Mon Jun 20 12:57:09 2022
    sprucebrine posted in cursed images.

    lol i didn't know i would make a thread

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    sprucebrine posted in cursed images.


  9. 4 months ago
    Mon May 30 08:44:28 2022

    i was lagging so i was able to find this
    the grass is floating

  10. Sun May 29 04:26:49 2022
    sprucebrine posted in Photo of new base.


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