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  1. 8 hours ago
    Mon Nov 20 18:06:25 2017
    Sofatroll posted in Builds for sale !.

    Pics'd be thing you know

  2. yesterday
    Sun Nov 19 11:25:32 2017
    Sofatroll started the conversation Iron god-set.

    Buying a god iron set
    No Thorns pls

  3. 2 days ago
    Sat Nov 18 15:11:06 2017
    Sofatroll posted in Connection issues.

    So I recently timed out mid air while using an elytra. Normally when this happens It's no problem to reconnect, the elytra is even still activated after the relog. However this time, no matter how often I try, I spawn midair, fall down and get disconnected.

  4. 4 days ago
    Thu Nov 16 14:07:02 2017
    Sofatroll posted in What are you listening to?.

    perfect for long late-night building sessions

  5. Thu Nov 16 13:59:08 2017
    Sofatroll posted in Joining a faction..

    @TimeKing297 @Wylieguy most new players don't get accepted into factions when they have only been playing for 3 - 1 days you best bet is to wait.

    the few factions that survived for long or still exist do so for a reason.
    Trust is rare and has to be earned, if you dont wanna end up in a faction that disappears within weeks you have to earn good reputation within the community or start your own faction and manage it wisely

  6. Thu Nov 16 13:54:51 2017
    Sofatroll posted in How to change spawner using egg.

    Pardon me I must have missed a lot. The last thing I remember regarding this very topic is that staff would no longer support changing spawners since it causesd the economy to break and therefore the map to reset.

  7. 5 days ago
    Wed Nov 15 14:10:58 2017

    screams furiously

  8. last week
    Mon Nov 13 21:49:52 2017
    Sofatroll posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    Lies. There are no girls on the internet

  9. Mon Nov 13 21:46:40 2017
    Sofatroll posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    Voting for Nerdie for the irony of him receiving it

  10. Mon Nov 13 15:21:49 2017
    Sofatroll posted in Small Country House.

    That FOV tho

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