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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Mar 19 14:24:59 2019
    Sofatroll posted in Voting for Alt accounts.

    I support this, not for the matter of alt accounts but the fact thatalltogether 3 people in my shared apartement play on this server

  2. Mon Mar 11 23:58:01 2019

    So is this the place to dump my screenshots to?
    Here take this

  3. Thu Mar 7 16:39:54 2019
    Sofatroll posted in reasonable conversion rates.

    Quite hard to determine. Keep in mind that while gold for example is less common then iron it is way easier farmable (pigmen farm) so an experienced player could easily flood the market. Iron while also being farmable via golems needs fairly more time to do so while being also more useful. Emmeralds can be easily generated using a single farmer villager + auto-pumpkin farm. Therefore Diamonds, while mending keeps the demand low, is the most valuabl ime & stable ore
    Edit: I do seriously support the idea of using clay. Once given worth .wild would be empty fairly quick so people would have to plunder their local recourses. Since not exactly being the most common building block it would remain quite stable. Contra tho is that at beginning it would be nearly impossible to give it a fix value, quite like bitcoin

  4. Sat Mar 2 01:23:25 2019

    does Netherbrick refer to the block itself or the component used to craft it?

  5. 3 months ago
    Mon Jan 28 11:35:21 2019
    Sofatroll posted in Resource Packs.

    Faithful 32x32, nothing extraordinary.
    It's really close to vanilla, basically it's default with double the pixxels.

  6. 8 months ago
    Mon Sep 17 13:55:30 2018

    @Cileklim That sounds familiar


  7. Fri Sep 14 09:16:58 2018

    That soundtrack gave me anxiety

  8. 10 months ago
    Tue Jul 24 11:41:32 2018
    Sofatroll posted in Best .home.


  9. Sun Jul 22 00:22:15 2018

    Two midgets walk into a bar :"Two half-ones!"
    Bartender: "I can see that but what do you want ro drink?"

  10. Thu Jul 19 20:16:04 2018
    Sofatroll posted in Phoenix Rising.

    We finally found a use for the egg
    absolutely worth it
    5/7 would hunt again

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