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  1. 4 days ago
    Thu Aug 16 23:32:51 2018
    iwarriiori posted in 4 Word Story Thread.

    This thread is stupid

  2. 6 days ago
    Wed Aug 15 07:30:38 2018
    iwarriiori posted in Need admin r4iscool help urgent!.

    PLease respond @R4iscool1

  3. Wed Aug 15 07:28:59 2018
    iwarriiori started the conversation Need admin r4iscool help urgent!.

    I need admin r4iscool help, am allowed to kill people now? I need to know asap (as soon as possible).

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 19 06:53:36 2018

    Nice work Crafty!

  5. Wed Jul 18 21:45:40 2018
    iwarriiori posted in Phoenix Rising.

    GG guys!

  6. Tue Jul 17 19:10:25 2018
    iwarriiori posted in The future of CraftyMynes!.

    Will invisibility potions be enabled? :^)

  7. Tue Jul 17 17:25:47 2018
    iwarriiori posted in EOTW PVP Fun.

    If anyone wants a shulker let me know.

  8. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 17 03:26:49 2018
    iwarriiori started the conversation Quest For Advancements.

    I can now say that I have finished my quest to complete all of the in-game advancements before the reset, making me the only player to do so on the server, including the secret "How Did We Get Here?" advancement which requires having all of the effects on at the same time. How far did everyone else get in completing the advancements? Comment down below!

  9. Wed Jul 11 22:42:09 2018
    iwarriiori started the conversation EOTW PVP Fun.

    As you may know 1.13 is upon us along with a reset. So for the end of the map I will be giving out shulkers filled with gear for people to pvp and have fun with their friends who normally don't get the chance to due to the fear of losing their stuff. Please comment in numerical order if you would like to receive a shulker.
    NOTE: If you already have god gear, don't bother commenting.
    The shulker will contain the following:

  10. Tue Jul 10 22:58:17 2018
    iwarriiori posted in -_+ Mymcy Art Showcase +_-.

    Real Pimpcy or riot

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