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  1. 6 hours ago
    Sat Mar 28 02:03:24 2020
    iwarriiori posted in I want .monkey.

    @CraftyMyner make it happen

  2. 2 days ago
    Wed Mar 25 16:28:32 2020
    iwarriiori posted in False Advertising.

    Give the staff a break, its not like its been a year since the last map or anything. They’ll get around to it eventually.

  3. last week
    Wed Mar 18 19:24:34 2020
    iwarriiori posted in My Youtube Channel.

    Better than NerdieBirdie

  4. Sun Mar 15 01:12:20 2020

    @Louis_Vuitton Yes, I believe exactly what venetorem stated that a giant "money pool" would be the best path for the .Lottery

    May I also suggested Implementing a Casino into Crafty Mynes. Now that is something revolutionary. You could have function slot machines that run off diamonds. Daily drawings of Crates of goodies and so forth. There really is a lot of possibilities with a casino at Crafty mynes

    And we could get currency to use at the casino every time we vote and call them CraftyCoins!

  5. Sun Mar 15 01:11:11 2020
    iwarriiori posted in Poem for Someone we Lost.

    How much is Ronjob (edited by xrayer Green :P) paying you? Unless you’re his alt?

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 10 02:06:07 2020
    iwarriiori posted in What happened?.

    @Pwnanite Fractions tend to kill the populous off.
    Why would people stick around with groups of people dedicated to finding and destroying their builds? lol
    Also its so close to the wipe none of us feel motivated to waste time not knowing if our creations will persist.
    Just my thoughts.

    Couldn't agree more my friend, people who dedicate themselves to finding and GRIEFING other players builds are truly disgusting human beings and are the scum of the server. Shame on them!

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 5 15:51:54 2020
    iwarriiori posted in New Word Association.

    This is America

  8. Mon Mar 2 07:10:54 2020
    iwarriiori posted in Yelloms New 1.15 base.

    All you need is a Balrog

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 27 22:43:13 2020
    iwarriiori posted in New Owner.

    @deyahruhd @iwarriiori Yeah right?? What happened with them anyways!

    The deep server had its way with them. Sad!

  10. Thu Feb 27 19:40:59 2020
    iwarriiori posted in New Owner.

    @deyahruhd Shit, that was it! Though admittedly I thought the server was supposed to be someone else.

    I thought it was that one admin

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