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  1. 3 days ago
    Tue Dec 11 03:09:16 2018

    Looking really clean Dirty Mike!

  2. last week
    Fri Dec 7 01:05:26 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Buying Spruce leaves .

    @javonjw I am looking to buy 5 to 10 shulkers of spruce leaves, i might even need more, shulkers will be replaced at tradepost if you are willing to do the order and dont have shulkers i can provide them. Name your price need them asap i have slime gunpowder and other things i can trade or just diamonds.

    Get it yourself Team Eye scum!

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Nov 10 05:56:34 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Looking for the Port.

    LoneWolf got top donor then dipped.

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 2 15:08:43 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Post Likes and CraftyPoints!.

    @Silver_Sonya Forum engagement can't be considered separately from forum readability.

    Right now, unfortunately, the amount of animated contrasting amber and nyon nicknames on a dark background just makes the whole thing look ridiculous.

    Instead of focusing on the actual content, users are distracted with far less important things.

    Adding more social features to the forums is good tho, just gotta make those likes look less pronounced. Dropping animations and colours from likes section is probably the way to do it.


    That’s gonna be a -1 from me chief. Use this post as a dislike button.

  5. Wed Oct 31 01:35:27 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in My time here on CraftyMynes.

    We miss you Retrochewy! Please come back! ;(

  6. Tue Oct 30 04:09:31 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Behold, The Halloween Maze.

    @SharpSerac looks ez

    @deyahruhd Can't wait to speedrun it!

    Lmao Team Eye so cocky, you guys can't even speed run the dragon let alone a maze! Sad! :ok_hand:

  7. Mon Oct 29 21:52:49 2018

    Can me buy 1 Aqua Affinity book plz?

  8. Mon Oct 29 20:50:46 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Word Association.

    @bgmg clepsydra

    168 hours.

  9. Sun Oct 28 21:13:49 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Ink Sac Villager.

    Lmao this aint it chief, no dislike button so heres a -1 from me. Go kill squiddies like the rest of us BUM!

  10. Sun Oct 28 03:12:26 2018
    Eisa_Non posted in Post Likes and CraftyPoints!.

    Once again nice work Crafty!

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