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    Thu Apr 25 19:58:34 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Tnt duping.


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    Tue Apr 23 02:37:47 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    @vvyovx Hello, i'm reposing my application here for continuity now that I've worked out my ability to post ^^

    IGN: vvyovx

    Age: 19

    When did you first join CraftyMynes?: December, 2018

    What is your tick count?: 17m (Including apo13o account which was never in use at the same time as vvyovx)

    How experienced are you in PVP?: I used to participate in tournaments in 1.8 where I quit the game shortly after until I joined CM. Im willing to take time for a pvp match.

    How do you like to play the game?: Through building effeciency oriented redstone builds and of course raiding for its excitement.

    Tell us about yourself (anything you'd like us to know, or general information about hobbies etc.): Currently im in college studying Chemistry, and computer science. I love to rock climb almost daily and work in a lab utilizing lasers because they are a guilty obsession of mine.

    Why do you want to join?: In my mind, joining a well defined community would allow me to build designs that can be fully utilized as opposed to wasting time on making something private.

    What skills do you bring to the table?: Redstone and server activity

    Application accepted, welcome to Team Eye!

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    Mon Apr 22 05:41:30 2019
    iwarriiori posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    -1 from me.

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    Sun Apr 21 01:51:51 2019
    iwarriiori posted in 1.14.

    Can't believe I'm gonna lose all my goodies AGAIN!

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    Thu Apr 11 23:17:30 2019
    iwarriiori posted in <> T h e E m p i r e <>.

    Looking to collab. Hit me up.

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    Sat Apr 6 16:45:04 2019
    iwarriiori posted in A sad story that had a sad ending..

    Why was I not invited.

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 29 21:59:43 2019

    @rnc2011 I do have sympathy for your friend, but he agreed to the rules when he joined and they are pretty clear on the hacking subject. We still have to enforce the rules even If he didn’t read them.

    When you join the server there's no real way to accept the rules like there once was with the new player room. I think he deserves a second chance.

  8. Fri Mar 29 21:45:39 2019

    +1 from me.

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    Sun Mar 24 23:20:59 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Hey Everyone, Nice to meet you..

    @BritishFlag Hey guys, BritishFlag here!

    I'll start off by saying how much i've really enjoyed this server in the last couple of days. Everyone i have met so far has been so very kind to me and have given me any help i have asked for . I''m glad i've finally found a community i can put my trust into and where i can be myself! I used to be not a very nice guy when playing servers like this, but that was 2-3 years ago and i've changed massively.

    I'm writing this post in hope that a i find someone i can stay with permanently and continue our adventures/ Whether that be building amazing things, going travelling around the Minecraft world fighting off the demons or even building simple little things and helping players! I've always enjoyed working as a team with people in games such as this. Being alone isn't very fun because you don't get to share the experience with anyone else but yourself.

    The things I enjoy to do are

    • Mining
    • Farming
    • Adventuring
    • Working as a team on big projects
    • Collecting item / helping people

    I'm also very good at pvp but i tend to keep the pvp to a minimum unless people decide to attack me!

    If anyone is willing to give me a chance or let me prove myself to them so i can join them for their adventures, i'd be willing to anything and everything!

    It was nice talking to you all and i hope it goes well!! You can find me in game with the IGN - BritishFlag or simply message my Discord #Cory5531 if you wanted to contact my faster!

    Thanks all !!

    Oh wow hey! Welcome back super nice person @MixMasherPvP

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    Tue Mar 19 18:29:32 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Humfrydog showcase of builds.

    I know who leaked Skull Mountain.

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