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  1. 6 days ago
    Tue Feb 12 06:45:00 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    @DeJean has there been made a desicion yet about my application?

    Application is currently under review.

  2. last week
    Sun Feb 10 19:26:53 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Cinematic Video is finally here !.

    Thought it was a slideshow at first.

  3. Sun Feb 10 01:55:01 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Parkour.

    Parkour is broke. :thumbsdown:

  4. Sun Feb 10 00:22:11 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    @DeJean -IGN: DeJean

    • Age: 18
    • Playing since: June 2018
    • Ticks: 14.2 million
    • PVP: experienced (since 2014 into PVP)
    • Minecraft: I like the game because it gives you so many options and so much freedom to do what you want.
    • I'm an agressive player who likes progress.
    • I would like to join because of this clan being feared and powerfull, and because raiding is fun :D.
    • I'm a good deciver and insider at clans, I'm also a big fan of redstone and farms.
    • No further questions cause i know this clan is something for me!


    Application is under review.

  5. Wed Feb 6 15:01:02 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Hey admins.

    @BaronBattleBread IF you arent a fan of cencorship, make and actual fucking post instead of a random number title and a dumbass picture.

    Big mad.

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 3 22:38:59 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Mossflower has been discovered.

    Why was I not invited. Sad!

  7. Sat Feb 2 18:01:39 2019


    GOOD NEWS!!!

    After much hard work, you are now able to teleport using /trigger commands!

    I won't go too much into the details about why it took so long but trying to get commands from functions to the panel without spamming the chat or filling up the logs wasn't easy.

    To use these new commands you can run /trigger <command> [set <number>]

    In the Homes/Warps/Particles/Heads lists you can click on the item you want to activate.
    Teleports now have clickable links for accepting and rejecting teleports.


    Teleport to a Player: /trigger tplist
    Go Home: /trigger home
    Go to Home #2: /trigger home set 2
    Set Home #3: /trigger sethome set 3
    List Particles: /trigger particles

    Nice work Crafty! Whats the trigger for the book? :^)

  8. Wed Jan 30 01:59:47 2019
    iwarriiori posted in M-TEC facility tour.

    @Retrochewy @iwarriiori are you going to renovate this place?

    Only if you help me @Retrochewy!

  9. Wed Jan 30 00:42:53 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Word Association.

    @deyahruhd Time to revive this thread.


    Bridge Griefer.

  10. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 27 02:33:34 2019
    iwarriiori posted in Cam introduces himself.

    Welcome to Team Eye! @CamS99584

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