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  1. 5 months ago
    Sun Oct 9 21:28:35 2022
    ImKopi started the conversation October CraftyCrate.

    How do I check to see when I'll ge tthe next CraftyCrate? Haven't received after buying VIP+ for another month, but may be early. Bought on the 4th, and nothing yet.

  2. Sat Oct 1 12:13:34 2022
    ImKopi posted in Voting not giving XP/MM?.

    It's for all sites though. I just get a "Thanks for voting" and don't get any rewards. Correct caps, etc. And even then, when putting the caps in the right spot, it says "You already voted please wait X hours." But zero rewards.

  3. Thu Sep 29 13:28:37 2022
    ImKopi started the conversation Voting not giving XP/MM?.

    Asked on server and mod only said "It should still give." and "hmm". Does voting no longer give xp/mm? Voted and waited about 15-20 minutes and got nothing.

  4. 8 months ago
    Sat Jul 2 15:40:33 2022
    ImKopi posted in how does this forum work.

    Here's a direct copy of the chat rules.

    Practice good chat etiquette
    Don’t use caps, don’t spam, don’t discuss controversial, sensitive or offensive topics (e.g. sex, sexual identity or preferences, race, politics, religion, drugs, etc.), no advertising, no links, no trolling. Please only use the minecraft font and English in global chat.

    You posted an appeal, so now wait. But yes, you broke the rule. You admitted you spammed. I was on the server when you did the script, we players in game asked you multiple times to stop, you ignored us. We tried to warn ya and help. You got booted multiple times and STILL came back to do more.

  5. 9 months ago
    Thu Jun 23 23:56:34 2022
    ImKopi posted in Server Rule Question.

    @Blackened_Dawn Benjamin has not been an admin for 7 years so I don't know why he's being brought up - there's 0 limits on moving bases and theres never been a limit.

    Right, but that was the last time I moved my base bc I got harassing messages, told I couldn't, etc. But now I'm out of space, with the caves etc my base just isn't safe right now, I wanted to find a new location. I haven't moved bases since Benjamin was admin, so I was asking...

    Besides, I had no idea he wasn't admin anymore. Is there a regularly updated list somewhere? That'd be awesome!

  6. Tue Jun 21 17:52:38 2022
    ImKopi started the conversation Server Rule Question.

    So I am wanting to move my items from one base to another. Do the admins/mods/helpers still have the rule of how much is allowed to be brought over? Just don't want to be harassed like I was long ago by Benjamin something when I tried this. Typically I stick to whatever single location I am in.

    Previous requirements were that I couldn't have stockpiled any iron or any metals and if I was moving them, I had to show the exact locations I brought them from or else be killed in my own base by spawning silverfish in, as well as receive pretty gross messages. I'm hoping to avoid this for this move. Is there a maximum I'm allowed to transport to a new base? Any help would be welcome. Thanks!

  7. Mon Jun 13 17:10:55 2022
    ImKopi started the conversation Server version?.

    There's a pin at the top of the forum that states the server was updating to 1.19 this weekend (post was on June 9th, so assuming they mean June 11-12), but I just tried logging in and it says that I need to use 1.18.2

    Is this true? Does version 1.19 only run with 1.18.2?

  8. 2 years ago
    Thu Feb 4 14:55:56 2021
    ImKopi started the conversation Buying tnt or gp.

    I am buying unhealthy amounts of tnt/gp for the forseeable future. There is a mountain in my way, and I'd like it gone for my base lol

  9. Sun Aug 2 18:33:25 2020
    ImKopi started the conversation Crafty Crate.

    Is there a way to see when the crafty crate will be sent to you? Renewed VIP+ status early by mistake, and was told I'd have the box in August since I got the one for July, but still don't have anything.

  10. Sun Jun 28 21:37:06 2020
    ImKopi posted in Morality poll.

    Nope, only people I kill are the ones in jail when we all get the hacker notification. "So-and-so has been sent to jail". Other than that, I tend to remove all gear except what I'm helping player with bc several times I've been killed as soon as I donate the stuff to the players. :/

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