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    Wed Oct 23 14:34:51 2019
    ImKopi posted in So many rocks...update.

    Right now, working on building a village around it and then either using it as a secondary base/outpost where I can keep things people are welcome to use, or donate it to a new player.

  2. 3 days ago
    Sun Oct 20 19:49:51 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation So many rocks...update.

    So here's how far I've gotten with all the rocks donated to me. :) Just have to finish up the roof and then decorate inside. Once it's fully decorated, I'll post more pics, but wanted to show an update :) -image-

  3. 4 days ago
    Sat Oct 19 12:48:37 2019
    ImKopi posted in Base Giveaway.

    That's really nice of you :)

  4. 6 days ago
    Wed Oct 16 23:32:11 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation Pet Selfies.

    Been seeing all the selfie pictures on here, and curious what everyone's pets look like :) Here are mine. Kopi is our black and white cockapoo pup, Mayu-san is our black kitty, Jack is the orange and white kitty, Elphie is the brown chiweenie.




  5. Wed Oct 16 22:31:44 2019
    ImKopi posted in Toxicity?.

    So just wanna clarify, because I saw the other posts and the "guy who helped for a long time then killed me". I think you're talking about 2 different people. Because I was the one who was helping you out for a while. I brought you plenty of free supplies, I helped dig you out a base, I helped explain tp'ing out further would be better, I tp'd myself and ran to find you a more safe location, I tp'd you out to me, I tried to work on getting your dog to tp with us, and unfortunately, my internet went out. I didn't kill you....

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Sep 30 11:42:13 2019

    Jkeller- omg that definitely sounds like something I'd do, but not this time lol. But now you have me thinking of making Oz and the Yellow Brick Road for a good distance... maybe on the reset lol

  7. Mon Sep 30 11:40:51 2019

    Lol no no, I'm making a stone brick mansion with garden and fountain. Been practicing with other builds- made a few pixel arts, a krusty krab, and on my single player account, been playing with building Notre Dame. Now gonna try to make a large castle on here. It'll be roughly 70x80x35 for the house, then the surrounding grounds. :P This gon be fun

  8. Sun Sep 29 19:42:03 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation Rocks. Lots and lots of rocks..

    Hey all, so I'll update when I no longer need, but I am buying cobblestone for the forseeable future. Have some, need approx 1500 stacks. Smelted stone is also fine.

  9. Fri Sep 27 17:58:45 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation Groot Pixel Art.

    Got bored and made a Baby Groot a ways out. :) Just thought it was cute.

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 25 15:59:28 2019
    ImKopi posted in Whitelist.

    Oh gotcha. Thanks Nic :)

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