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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 29 17:40:24 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation Looking for project.

    Anyone need help with a project? Trying to keep mind busy. Have 2 weeks before test results come in, so want something to distract me. Anyone need anything built?

  2. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 16 21:33:42 2019
    ImKopi posted in Admin watching players?.

    I mean, I didn't think I was. Someone asked if anyone found cows, I started random .wild tp'ing and when I found some, tp'd him to me to collect the cows. helped fend off monsters as it was night time. Creeper killed him, you said "saw that coming" but wasn't sure what I'd done wrong.

  3. Mon Dec 16 20:59:20 2019
    ImKopi posted in Admin watching players?.

    That's fair. Was I doing something wrong?

  4. Mon Dec 16 20:35:27 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation Admin watching players?.

    Just curious, do admin have screens that show every player on them? Was helping out a player get some cows, creeper came over and blew up, killing the guy I was helping. Ven said "saw that coming" so just curious if it's a multi screen type thing.

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 11 02:58:40 2019
    ImKopi posted in 1.14.

    Hey! It worked! Thank you so much :)

  6. Wed Dec 11 02:31:52 2019
    ImKopi started the conversation 1.14.

    Hey guys, so I started up minecraft to log into the server, but all the screen says is "Outdated Server- I'm still on 1.14". Looked down, and it updated to 1.15, so curious. How do I roll back my client?

  7. 2 months ago
    Sun Nov 3 14:13:15 2019
    ImKopi posted in The arena upgrade..

    Hehe, oh I did the owo part. It was just to make Rain-something angry. Can't remember his name, but the guy with the huge rant about owo/uwu

  8. Thu Oct 31 13:33:54 2019
    ImKopi posted in Buying a lot of sand.

    Got a few boxes for ya, will keep an eye out for you on server :)

  9. 3 months ago
    Wed Oct 23 23:54:03 2019
    ImKopi posted in So many rocks...update.

    Huh? Just have the sword to protect against the phantoms that attack as I'm building at night :) Definitely not trying to make it look like a prison, just looked up "stone mansion design" on google.

  10. Wed Oct 23 14:34:51 2019
    ImKopi posted in So many rocks...update.

    Right now, working on building a village around it and then either using it as a secondary base/outpost where I can keep things people are welcome to use, or donate it to a new player.

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