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  1. 3 months ago
    Thu Feb 4 14:55:56 2021
    ImKopi started the conversation Buying tnt or gp.

    I am buying unhealthy amounts of tnt/gp for the forseeable future. There is a mountain in my way, and I'd like it gone for my base lol

  2. 9 months ago
    Sun Aug 2 18:33:25 2020
    ImKopi started the conversation Crafty Crate.

    Is there a way to see when the crafty crate will be sent to you? Renewed VIP+ status early by mistake, and was told I'd have the box in August since I got the one for July, but still don't have anything.

  3. 10 months ago
    Sun Jun 28 21:37:06 2020
    ImKopi posted in Morality poll.

    Nope, only people I kill are the ones in jail when we all get the hacker notification. "So-and-so has been sent to jail". Other than that, I tend to remove all gear except what I'm helping player with bc several times I've been killed as soon as I donate the stuff to the players. :/

  4. Tue Jun 23 14:28:16 2020

    That's great for you- I can't play at end of work day, so shouldn't we accommodate for me? No, because it's a 24/7 server. If someone works 2nd or 3rd shift, they won't be available when you are. I get it's not your ideal situation, but like you said- can't please everyone. Crafty set the time. It's his server.

  5. Tue Jun 23 14:25:03 2020

    I mean, Crafty chose the time he did for a reason, if he'd waited people would be upset he didn't update it immediately. It's a 24/7 server- not all the resources are going to be gone by the time you're off work lol

  6. Tue Jun 23 14:21:01 2020

    Players are from all over the world- your late afternoon/early evening may be someone's 2 am and that's not fair to them. There's no time that would be "fair" to everyone on an international server.

  7. Fri Jun 12 18:31:17 2020
    ImKopi started the conversation Project Update.

    Finished the Simpsons house, now going to start on next building. :)


    Not sure what the next building will be, but something Stone Brick looking.

  8. 11 months ago
    Tue May 26 15:06:14 2020
    ImKopi posted in Project Supplies.

    Practicing some larger builds, making a "donation" base. Somewhere to hold the stuff/farm the stuff I give to new players, really anyone who needs them, but new players in particular. Making some buildings that are cute to look at, but can be storage.

    Just made the Simpsons house that's going to hold the armor and weapons I make to donate.

  9. Mon May 25 16:35:44 2020
    ImKopi posted in Project Supplies.

    Right now, Dirt, Gravel, Sand in that order is what I'm collecting/using first.

  10. Fri May 22 13:44:01 2020
    ImKopi started the conversation Project Supplies.

    Hey all, so I am starting a few projects and going to be needing LOTS of different woods, and other supplies so I am currently buying:

    5 shulkers of oak logs/stripped/planks. Doesn't matter.
    5 shulkers of spruce logs/stripped/planks
    1 shulker of dark oak logs
    2 shulkers of birch logs
    2 shulkers of sand
    3 shulkers of gravel
    3 shulkers of dirt

    Shulker boxes will be given back after transaction, just message me in game for what you'd be looking for price wise :) I will update as I continue the project. Thanks everyone!

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