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    Sun Sep 16 16:47:29 2018

    yay <3

  2. Sat Aug 11 22:10:18 2018
    Shiba_Ina posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    And this ^w^

  3. Sat Aug 11 22:05:57 2018
    Shiba_Ina posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    I found this scary room in spawn too =3

  4. Sat Jul 21 15:50:52 2018
    Shiba_Ina posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    Is this , Cile, but isn’t up to date and I don’t use it now. Can’t see horsies anymore =3

  5. Fri Jul 20 17:46:17 2018
    Shiba_Ina started the conversation All Hail Ricky <3.

    Hehehe, there’s a Ricky under Spawn \^-^/

  6. Tue Jul 10 16:16:19 2018
    Shiba_Ina posted in -_+ Mymcy Art Showcase +_-.

    OMG I love your signature =D <3

  7. Fri Jul 6 16:45:14 2018
    Shiba_Ina posted in Ghost Encounter Stories.

    Maybe is not a real ghost story and just a story about Ina being scared of rain xD

    Sometimes when I couldn’t sleep at night I used to go on walks. Sometimes I went through the town and hung out on a schoolground, and sometimes I went to the fields. That one time I went to the fields too. The shortest way there was over the graveyard. And that didn’t bother me much, I’ve walked through it at night many times.
    When I was at the fields later, a thunderstorm started and I didn’t come back in time. And when I was back at the graveyard and walked past the chapel tower, it looked super amazing with the lightnings.
    So then I pulled out my phone and didn’t mind the rain and tried taking pictures. But that didn’t work out, so then I switched to video. Going over the street away from it, I still kept holding my camera to the tower sometimes. And then I turned it off at the other side of the street and hurried home.
    When I was dried up and cozy in my bed again I still wanted to look at my video before I sleep. There was like lots of noise and mumbles, and at the point where I was going over the street it clearly sounded like “Du entkommst mir nicht”. That means “you won’t escape me”. That scared me and I kept my light on and was lying in my bed awake until I just fell asleep with my light still on.

    The other day I showed it to my friends and we discussed it, and some said it is just noise and they hear nothing, and others said there is a voice and it’s creepy. Then the graveyard didn’t feel so safe anymore.

    I don’t believe it was a ghost though, just noise, but I deleted it. It didn’t sound like rain. It sounded like talking! When something is scary like that or when there’s a weird shadow, or when I hear a scary story, then it freaks me out anyway even if I don’t believe in it xD

    Naidae, do you still have your recording?

  8. Sun Jul 1 16:44:04 2018

    I don’t know if this is a good idea, but I have another suggestion ^w^

    You staffs could make the 1k of spawn area adventure mode, but without the spawn protection, and then no one would have to clean them up anymore =)

    And Stone_Warrior had an idea for that…

  9. Sun Jul 1 16:18:29 2018

    Because there isn’t anything at the other spawns, and when we wanna go from like the end to the big spawn we have to tp home first. And tping to the end spawn is dangerous, too. I think is just more useful and convenient too =)

  10. Sun Jul 1 15:42:55 2018

    Hi Crafty! =)

    Can you maybe please make that when we click "TP Spawn", we don’t go to the spawn in the same dimension anymore? Like that when we click it we will go right to the big spawn in the overworld? ^^

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