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    Sun Dec 24 13:19:22 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Net Neutrality.

    net neutrality is just an euphamism for corporations that want to charge us more cash by introducing something we have no control of

  2. Sun Dec 24 13:16:31 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Christmas Traditions.

    Merry christmas! we had lots of duck and a turkey (i know its not thanksgiving) but my family and i love turkey so we had it anyways

  3. 5 months ago
    Sun Oct 15 02:46:31 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Congrats to Tuyuie for winning my head..


  4. Wed Sep 27 13:55:03 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Quinnzillian and I's City/Renaissance.

    looks like i needa git my ass back on CM just to learn how 2 build that twisted thingy

  5. 6 months ago
    Mon Sep 4 10:35:14 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Word Association .


  6. Wed Aug 16 12:05:43 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Results of the Survey Test Run.

    @Ealdwine_Drasax Also I left out the free response due to people using their names. Which was not a requirement.

    lmao that was me

  7. 7 months ago
    Mon Aug 14 09:10:29 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Impersonator .

    @HaloNest Ok so Ii did a bit of research, looks like this guy has had tones of former IGN's, here a list:
    From last to current one-
    Semptember eleven

    Teo of them sound familiar to me, but I think this guy's just a random guy who saw your videos on the tube; and this is the "risk" of being a MC tuber, you can get a tone of love along with some haters in the way. This one is clearly an hater of yours, means you're getting attention :)

    i know who 32v is, but seriously i see 3 previous name in there that tells me who it is since this person didnt hide it very well.

  8. Fri Aug 11 11:37:26 2017

    less is moore

    you have permission to share this around and pretned u make it. not like im orginal either

  9. Thu Aug 10 10:28:37 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in For sale Skull Mountain Base [Sold].

    my friendship

  10. Thu Aug 10 10:21:46 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in I am buying an enderman farm.

    @ShadowHunter7_ Is 19db and 17 eme blocks enough and you could buy the gunpowder from sharpsherac

    u give me the gunP its expensive and i literally have no diamonds

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