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  1. 17 hours ago
    Tue Jun 27 12:01:31 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Server History Archive Project.

    @thegoldsmith and recruiting and organizing and planning and rule enforcing need i go on?

    and building and running when the base is griefed and giving me free stuff

  2. Tue Jun 27 11:43:34 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Server History Archive Project.

    @thegoldsmith There once was a Faction called the SkyKin whose sole aim was to build and explore and set up shelters and outposts across the land for all to use in time of need. but their efforts were thwarted by betrayers whom had grown tired of the no grief policy and burnt the SkyKin Village out of the clouds and scattered its members. The leader thegoldsmith escaped and is planning a rising of a new clan of the cloud in the close future...

    yeah someone by the name of TheForgotten20 is actually the sole dictator, he just let goldmsith do the talking


  3. yesterday
    Mon Jun 26 11:52:12 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Gold Farm.

    @ShadowHunter7_ Ok thanks

    So how would i slab because does that mean that i have to slab every single block.

    Like for how far would i have to slab.

    i made mine on N roof, didnt work and tez is proof it worked on last server. i made mine to exact dimentions, een he same block choice.

  4. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 25 10:16:42 2017

    @Blackened_Dawn It's in spawn

    did you forcibly take it from team eye?

  5. Sun Jun 25 10:15:39 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in My YouTube Series on CraftyMynes!.

    @gminidog14 link text

    i like your videos, you actually have intresting content and i like the timelapse in that sitation, gives us a rought idea of what happens but doesnt bore the brains out of me

  6. 3 days ago
    Sun Jun 25 01:55:07 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in My Goodbyes.


  7. Sat Jun 24 13:26:25 2017

    iill preoder some gunpowder

  8. 4 days ago
    Fri Jun 23 11:46:42 2017

    @blazehunter2005 yes we are still Open! ok, when your Unbanned, please make your Order

    please look at my order i left on the sign in ur base

    btw i get it free bcuz of the 10 tax ink right?

    Edit:can I have white unglazed terracotta instead?

  9. Fri Jun 23 09:49:58 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in My Goodbyes.

    @Naidae Have a wonderful vacation Chewy! Don't forget to bring us all back some souveniers!!

    aka diamonds

  10. 5 days ago
    Thu Jun 22 11:35:48 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Rybye's Buy, Sell, and Trade.

    @TimmyBoyT How much we talking here?

    willing to pay the same rates as i sell obsidian and inc sacs at , aka 5 dia a stack

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