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  1. last year
    Sat Sep 1 12:47:55 2018

    if yall arent dead yet just lemme join

  2. Sun May 27 00:04:04 2018
    TheForgotten20 posted in recruiting.

    dont need a fac just a basemate

  3. Sun May 27 00:03:04 2018
    TheForgotten20 started the conversation recruiting.

    any1 recruiting its hard finding anyone on of interest

  4. Sun May 20 00:26:03 2018

    stfu. please stop sucking up to your group and trying to get attention. no one cares about what u just said

  5. Sun Dec 24 13:19:22 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Net Neutrality.

    net neutrality is just an euphamism for corporations that want to charge us more cash by introducing something we have no control of

  6. Sun Dec 24 13:16:31 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Christmas Traditions.

    Merry christmas! we had lots of duck and a turkey (i know its not thanksgiving) but my family and i love turkey so we had it anyways

  7. 2 years ago
    Sun Oct 15 02:46:31 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Congrats to Tuyuie for winning my head..


  8. Wed Sep 27 13:55:03 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Quinnzillian and I's City/Renaissance.

    looks like i needa git my ass back on CM just to learn how 2 build that twisted thingy

  9. Mon Sep 4 10:35:14 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Word Association.


  10. Wed Aug 16 12:05:43 2017
    TheForgotten20 posted in Results of the Survey Test Run.

    @Ealdwine_Drasax Also I left out the free response due to people using their names. Which was not a requirement.

    lmao that was me

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