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  1. 8 months ago
    Sun Dec 30 17:45:49 2018
    rnc2011 posted in disgusting.


  2. Fri Dec 28 21:47:19 2018
    rnc2011 posted in Linkled's Ban Appeal.

    Hey! I am the moderator that banned you under the name "Linkhalosonic". I appreciate you sending an appeal, but I have reviewed the evidence that I gathered at the time, and you were definitely using Waterwalking hacks.

    At CraftyMynes, we take hacking very seriously and this means, unfortunately, that you will not be unbanned. I sincerely hope that you and your friend will have fun on other servers!

  3. 10 months ago
    Tue Oct 30 02:30:00 2018
    rnc2011 posted in My time here on CraftyMynes.

    This is awesome! Thank you for making this!

  4. last year
    Sat Sep 15 14:56:07 2018
    rnc2011 posted in Rest easy Baxi.

    Im very sorry for your loss, Doge. I am sure he was a wonderful dog and friend.

  5. Sat Aug 25 14:08:37 2018
    rnc2011 posted in 4 Word Story Thread.

    I like eating fajitas.

  6. Thu Aug 16 01:43:16 2018
    rnc2011 posted in o o f.

    Glad to have you back!

  7. Sun Aug 5 03:02:48 2018

    On an unrelated note, you've always had my favorite minecraft name ever @Czechmate

  8. Fri Jul 20 02:12:19 2018
    rnc2011 posted in Edgy_boi146's ban appeal.

    Hey! I am the administrator that banned you. We take server threats very, very seriously on CraftyMynes, even if they are made in a joking manner. Because of this, your ban will last for 7 days. Please use this time to read over the server rules.

  9. Wed Jul 18 22:00:07 2018
    rnc2011 posted in Ban Appeal.

    Well. Hmm. If you're serious, try again in a more serious manner.

  10. Tue Jul 17 23:10:20 2018
    rnc2011 posted in Word Association.


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