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  1. 6 days ago
    Wed May 27 00:29:07 2020
    rnc2011 posted in New Word Association.


  2. 3 weeks ago
    Fri May 8 17:19:09 2020
    rnc2011 posted in MrBoob's ban appeal.

    After speaking with the other Admin, we have determined that you name didn't warrant a name change. I apologize for any inconvenience, it was completely my error.

  3. Wed May 6 16:46:35 2020
    rnc2011 posted in TheLoneRanger57 Ban Appeal.

    Thank you for saying that. You too buddy!

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 29 02:03:03 2020
    rnc2011 posted in Caw?.


  5. 3 months ago
    Wed Feb 26 00:45:09 2020
    rnc2011 posted in New Word Association.


  6. 4 months ago
    Wed Jan 29 04:16:14 2020
    rnc2011 posted in New Word Association.


  7. Sat Jan 18 01:48:23 2020
    rnc2011 posted in Word Association.


  8. 5 months ago
    Mon Dec 9 21:26:14 2019
    rnc2011 posted in Real ban appeal :(.

    Hi, Im the staff member that banned you. Trolling in chat that you're going to get banned and saying .ban Dejean in chat tends to get old really fast. Top that off with a satire ban appeal and you've got yourself one bad look, as you noted in your appeal.

    I'm not against fun and I try to be pretty lenient, but please try not to have your fun at the expense of staff having to do extra stuff.

    Thanks, as I think you get it, ill unban you now, but please be more mindful in the future.

  9. Mon Dec 9 20:46:23 2019
    rnc2011 posted in Ban appeal: DeJean naughty.

    Im banning you for this. I look forward to reading your real appeal.

  10. 7 months ago
    Sat Oct 26 16:13:23 2019

    Very glad to have you back!

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