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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 14 07:09:42 2018

    @Dennari43 I made the mistake of taking a drink of water while watching this. I was not prepared for the song selection. My desk is covered in water now. Best tour video XD

    Thanks for the warning.

  2. Fri Sep 14 07:08:19 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in skidaddle skidoodle.


  3. Mon Sep 10 05:13:54 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in new Barony Lands of Sknup.

    @javonjw one could just simply lava grief /lava cast it from the top and pour water over lava turning it to cobble

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Aug 28 06:00:44 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in new Barony Lands of Sknup.

    I see your trying to out do everyone on the server again ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Also why is this in the buy and sell channel?

  5. Mon Aug 27 20:26:16 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in Breaking Bedrock?.

    K thanks for the response.

  6. Mon Aug 27 05:20:08 2018
    BoneChi11er started the conversation Breaking Bedrock?.

    So the ability to bust through bedrock with the use of pistons and tnt has been patched with 1.13.1 . In the event that someone finds a way to break it again, just wanted to ask wether this glitch was still not allowed on the server?

  7. Sun Aug 26 05:24:48 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in yo.

    R.I.P. Jeffery the laptop, he will most likley be replaced and forgoten about over the course of a few months...

  8. Sun Aug 26 05:23:09 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in I'm back.

    @The3xpertGamer I have taken your words into consideration, which has driven me to do more research. What I have found from doing this is that beans when combined with relish contain so much power that they could reproduce when in contact with each other, which can solve world hunger.

    Was I drunk when I wrote that? This has turned into a mess lol

  9. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 24 06:10:46 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in I'm back.

    @The3xpertGamer Your words sadden me. They are a prime example of how today's youth views beans. They are seen as simply an edible that is not particularly delectable or palatable when eaten alone. However, according to multiple scientific studies, people who eat beans are much more likely to be living or to be people that once have lived, as people or animals who have never existed are incapable of consuming beans. This groundbreaking study shows that beans could possibly be the meaning of existence. You must feel like such a fool now, don't ya?

    Perhaps you misunderstood me. While these studies are conclusive, it is common fact that, by themselves, beans do not offer much to the table(Hence why I claimed that the Bean Guild sounded dumb). However recent tests have shown it is completly possible for the state of a bean to ascend to an entirely new level IF it is conjoined with other foods of simaler nature(may also boost flavor, further testing required).

    In short, have you considered putting beans

    on top

    of a pizza?

  10. Thu Aug 23 04:21:15 2018
    BoneChi11er posted in I'm back.

    @The3xpertGamer I have realized the error of my ways, beans are superior to pizza.

    I dont know, The Bean guild sounds kinda stupid...

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