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    Tue Oct 17 19:30:54 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Harvestar Showcase: Savannah Base.

    @NerdieBirdieYT I'd love to tour the ruins for an episode sometime :o

    Not really ruins, more like a ghost town now.

  2. Tue Oct 17 06:41:57 2017

    I just found it out, it was a CraftyCrafty 2016 Christmas banner. I have the exact same one buried in one of my shulker boxes

  3. Tue Oct 17 06:38:55 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Dome in the end.

    hmm, that doesn't look out of place at all...

  4. Tue Oct 17 06:02:35 2017
    BoneChi11er started the conversation Harvestar news! So long Savanna base..

    Well it finally happened, Team eye managed to come into our base and raid it down. Though with a base as massive as this up over the ground for such a long time, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.
    -image-I'm just surprised that it didn't happen sooner. Still this base wouldn't of been possible without the amazing builders we have in the guild. @FriendofP With his outstanding builds and town square, @humfrydog who helped us w/ mapping, redstone, stores, etc. @Valgys who was in the process of the Crafty Church and a automatic sorting system(don't ask me how it works), and much much more. So many members have helped and contributed to the base to make it what it was now, I apoligize if I forget any names.-image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image--image- Well I guess we will just have to start again. I do appreciate Team eye not greifing the base and leaving the builds intacted. And to some of our members who left because of this, It saddens me that you had to leave but I understand. If you choose you want to join back on, we will accept yall with open arms. And if not, we'll still help out anyway we can. We're friends after all.

    Loyal and Proud, this is BoneChi11er
    Saying so long to Savanna and signing out.

  5. Tue Oct 17 05:26:23 2017

    Actually, that was one of Harvestar's bases. @humfrydog was based w/ us and helped us out alot.

  6. Mon Oct 16 14:29:45 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Revival of PG.

    Welcome back I guess

  7. Mon Oct 16 14:27:26 2017

    You remember where you found it?

  8. Mon Oct 16 14:21:01 2017

    @_Confederacy_ That's why there was a discussion on making a 1v1 arena.

    I guess i missed that discussion, or I forgot about it. Anyway I see it now

  9. Sun Oct 15 08:18:26 2017

    @SharpSerac - making the arena log-free would make things more intense and therefore fun. i know that if there's a diamond guy in there and i go in he's just going to teleport out or log on me, so what's the point at all? you should only go in there knowing full and well that you're taking a risk. you don't just invest a bunch of money into a company and then once the company starts going downhill you say "oh shit things aren't working out, i want my money back pls" because that's exactly what pvping is, it is an investment, it is a gamble, it is a risk.

    Heres the issue with the current setup of the pvp ring. The thing is anyone can just join in a fight, which isn't great if your trying to pvp with one person or so. Which in turn make pvp logging all the more understandable. While pvp servers usually have a free-for-all section, they also tend to have a closed-duel section where it's 1v1 or 2v2 and ect.. I would think having more options to pvp like that would not only reduce pvp logging, but also potentially introducing more players into pvp and making pvp more interesting in general(whether that can be done or not in vanilla, I have no idea. Im just elaborating here). Kinda unfair to try and pin down pvp logging unless you change the setup of pvp.

  10. Sun Oct 15 07:27:29 2017

    @SharpSerac if you aren't a pvper then why would you ever go into the arena in the first place unless it's to

    oh wait...




    Are you even reading my posts? to quote myself...

    @BoneChi11er Id like to point out that I wasnt in the pvp ring to fight pvp'ers. I was there for the server event only, which was being held in the pvp ring.

    Also you have yet to actually reply your thoughts on my other post...

    @BoneChi11er With that said I like what @Dennari43 adds to this thread and I feel that idea could be expanded upon. Adding multiple pvp options would benifit not just pvp'ers like yourself, but other players in general.

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