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  1. 4 days ago
    Fri Apr 20 22:51:18 2018

    I know how ya feel @Retrochewy

  2. 2 months ago
    Sat Feb 17 04:42:30 2018

    looks like ill have to get back on soon then.
    Im worried about how phantoms are going to affect us, since sleeping in a bed is pretty much impossible on the server.

  3. 5 months ago
    Tue Nov 7 02:08:14 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in The Best and the Newest.

    I would love to see a new boss monster suface. Something air-based.

  4. Wed Nov 1 19:04:50 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in *Cancelled*.

    @JKELLER4000 getting the dyes for all that wool would be a challenge!

    like the black for all the grey wool!

    or the white

    and brown is hard to find!

    I dont think its that difficult to get the dyes you need, and you would only need 2 of each dye for your sheep
    just raid a local flower forest and you can get about half of the dyes in the game.
    Cocoa beans are not difficult to acquire, im sure someone sells them dirt cheap.

  5. Wed Nov 1 16:36:24 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in *Cancelled*.

    Why not get some sheep? I hear they work wonders(and there free)...

  6. Sun Oct 29 08:13:55 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Upcoming Livestream!.

    @deyahruhd Really? That's a low blow, making your own livestream at the exact same time and day as Sharp. You're just trying to hurt Sharp cause you hate him. Always trying to out-do him to take away what he's trying to build up. Don't even say it isn't related to this, we know it is. He's been advertising it for days, you well knew the date. It was only now you figured out a new way to damage him. At least before you were just hurting him in game, but now you're trying to hurt him in views? Seriously, grow up.

    This might be a new low for eye...

  7. Tue Oct 24 18:52:43 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Why do you play Minecraft ?.

    It tends to act like a escape for me and a huge stress reliver. Also I have made friends on the server and enjoy there company.

  8. Tue Oct 24 18:50:33 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Diamonds are to Gold,....

    Wait didn't @humfrydog make a thread similar to this? what's a diamond worth

  9. 6 months ago
    Tue Oct 24 04:23:42 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in Diamonds are to Gold,....

    1 daimond=9 gold=22 iron, for me at least.

  10. Tue Oct 17 21:23:31 2017
    BoneChi11er posted in support humfry.

    Happy b-day Humf, Ill see about clearing a desert out later tonight.

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