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    Wed Jul 5 01:39:02 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.

    "Mr popular"; get 100 votes

  2. Wed Jul 5 01:00:20 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.

    successfully kill a player using a dispenser; "artillery master"

  3. Wed Jul 5 00:59:08 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.

    Collect one of everything that can go in a pot; "constant gardener "

  4. Wed Jul 5 00:57:55 2017
    Czechmate posted in Custom Advancements?.

    Explore a certain percentage of the map; "the tourist"

    Kill a player, "no bots about it"

    Kill 10 players without dying ; "you can't have infamous without famous. "

  5. Tue Jul 4 18:24:50 2017
    Czechmate posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    No thoughts on my application nerdy?

  6. Tue Jul 4 15:06:12 2017
    Czechmate posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    That would really belong in the thread that describes the story of NN rather than its recruiting thread. But I'm not nerdy either. :)

  7. Mon Jul 3 23:36:54 2017
    Czechmate posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    lol, looks like a fun time.

  8. Mon Jul 3 23:32:02 2017
    Czechmate posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    Bout time you got some fresh content. ;D

  9. Mon Jul 3 20:27:22 2017
    Czechmate posted in Nerdnation: Applications.

    IGN: Czechmate
    Age/Maturity: um... it's trite but true, I'm 47, going on 2. I'm mature when called upon to be so... that is to say, when I have a duty to be so. The rest of the time I'm talking about banging someone's mom.
    Discord: Czechmate#0224
    Approximate Time on CM: Been playing on the server for a little over two weeks.
    About Me: I started playing MC because I was a new father and I knew that my children were going to be playing it endlessly. As a child of a programer in the 70's I was raised to really hack something apart and understand why programs worked. I am an original nerd. From the day's of "revenge of the nerds" and "porkies".. from the original Dungeon's and Dragon's blue basic book, I've played, or watched, or read anything that I can. I was weened on first run episodes of Star Trek.
    These are of course just generalities. I am a desparately honest individual, which probably makes me a liar, but I honestly only lie where necessary to save feelings or protect the innocent. I love multiplayer games. I love the interaction; meeting new and interesting people and learning from them. I live to teach, and try my best to pass on whatever I have learned to others so that everyone can enjoy these amazing creations that we make. To this end I served as an administrator to for many years, working on logic solutions and programming fixes. I quite enjoyed the work, but keeping up on Flash was a nightmare and that aspect of a program which I saw as going no where made the exercise tiresome.
    I am a husband to the love of my life... I am a father to the most interesting people I've ever come to know. Z is eight and inquisitive about minecraft but much more into research sciences like palentology. Lex is six and is a master lego builder at this point. It is astounding how OCD he is with regard to finishing a build he's started on. I work for an industrial gasses company, and quite enjoy the job and the people. I've been doing this for 22 years now.
    I'm a yankee, but with much love and sympathy for the south and the good parts of that culture, I also like the indy scene and get along well in Portland, Seatle, or New York. Honestly, I find it hard to go anywhere and not have a good time, if there are interesting people to meet and hopefuly good beer to drink. I get along pretty well with the old and young alike.
    I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of few. I am at home working with a router and a nice block of aged oak, or putting together a red stone contraption. I cook, I clean, I pay my taxes, (even if I think it's unconstitutional to ask me to)
    Lastly just to list off a few pros and or cons
    I like to read, canoe, camp, hike, drink GOOD beer, bbq or grill, and I try not to miss 420; I am overly empathetic to others, including those who I am not. I know that doesn't make sense, but I assure you it's true.
    Minecraft is complex and there are many things which I enjoy about it. Firstly I suppose would be just exploring topside or in mines. The game generates amazing constructs, and I am endlessly facinated by the scapes I see in game. When I'm bored of that, I work on a red stone contraption to save time, or to trap enemies. To this end I rarely work in creative mode. I prefer to have both the danger of random creeper explosions, and the need to aquire resources. When that bores me, I work on beautifying my house. I would say that this later aspect is my greatest weakness. Gather materials? I'll get you boxes full.. but make a good looking rock wall in MC and it seems to elude me. Could be my work is crap, or it could be that I'm my own worst critic. My favorite work in PVP is building traps for others to stumble upon. I'm hoping to build a rep on Craftymynes for exactly that. I like to sneak.. I like to spy.. I like to build traps.
    Former Factions: No former factions, but I served as an admin for years with Casual Mature Gamers CS:Go, and left in good standing.
    Why Join NN?: There are a number of good reasons but very simply.. you have a policy of raiding without greifing, and that is one of the first time's I've seen that in a faction. I synch very closely with this type of behavior. I want competition to exist to enhance the fun and danger, but I also hate to see people utterly demolished into a pile of smoking ash and fire. Builds are a personal thing, and when someone wrecks something that you have spent blood sweat and tears to build... well I just have a really good feeling about your attitude. In addition to that, I enjoy your kind of layed back attitude about the CraftyMynes server. Some people take this waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to seriously. I like your touring of other active builds and other old destroyed builds. That is something that enhances everyone's time on the server, and costs you time to do. I can appreciate someone who feels that something like that is important enough to document.
    Why Should I Be Accepted?: because I'll love you long time? The above speaks for itself. I will not betray someone who has put their trust in me. I am stalwart in my affiliations. I think I'd be a good fit with the other members who I've seen in your videos so far. If they are an indication of the types of players you are recruiting, then I should be a good fit. I like to build, I like to redstone, I like to collect resources, and I'm looking for a team that can help me learn the finer arts of PvP and raiding. I'm honestly not very good at killing players yet. I'm fairly good in combat in my own games and I play on hard level.
    Mostly though... it's my name. You should have me just to have a Czechmate on your side. You never know when a czechmate will come in handy. Plus there's more to the name than just the obvious and I really only discuss that with friends.
    If you have no open slots at the moment, please feel free to keep my application on file for future use. I will probably be flying solo unless I can find another faction as good a fit as yours.

    There once was a man from Vanderloop,
    who for many months could not poop,
    I tell you no lie
    when I say he did die
    of a terrible boopadoopdoop

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