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  1. last week
    Fri Oct 13 20:21:09 2017

    OK to celebrate the servers birthday the weekend sale will continue will supplies. I will sell a limited number of God picks with fortune 3 or silk for 25 diamonds each first 5 of each type. Concrete will be on sale for 3 stacks for 5 diamonds. 9 stacks of cooked fish for 1 diamond. Sea lanterns on sale for 7 diamonds per stack and 3 stacks for 20 diamonds. cactus is 5 stacks for 1 diamond. happy birthday server.
    I am also buying stacks of cobwebs at 4 diamonds per stack which can be used as store credits or diamonds. I hoping to make some Halloween decorating kits.

  2. Fri Oct 13 02:25:27 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation Buying shulker shells by the stack and Elytras.

    My shelves are empty and I need to restock. My supplier Scappydont has been MIA due to school so I am posting the job here.
    I will pay 2 diamonds per shell or 5 diamonds per 2 shells. I m looking to buy up to 4 stacks of shells. I am also in the market to restock my Elytra supplies for the same reasons. I pay 3db for any elytra is if its nearly worn out. looking to purchase 10.

  3. Wed Oct 11 21:26:50 2017

    having a sale ask me!!

  4. Wed Oct 11 18:05:18 2017
    humfrydog posted in The Hunt Is On. [Contest].

    #FBB2k17 found in ancor spot of cruise ship, I sniffed it out

  5. Wed Oct 11 17:57:22 2017

    Just filling them orders and stacking
    those diamonds, WOOF WOOF, lol

  6. Wed Oct 11 02:23:34 2017

    your order is nearly ready HaloNest. the 4 god sets are done

    Also anyone interested in silk or fortune 3 God picks they are still at 30 and I also have a Protect 4 God Armor set with thorns 3 on the chest plate I will sell at a discount for 99 diamonds. The sale continues...........

  7. Mon Oct 9 20:10:54 2017
    humfrydog posted in This Proves my point!.

    Just making my point I kept it here not youtube, he wants to blast me on youtube that's fine, Noticed he never mentioned me when i built that base or thanked me on youtube. But he's more than willing to use me for ratings. It proves my point all he cares abouts is views on youtube. I reported him just to be inconvenent and irritate him.

  8. Mon Oct 9 17:05:05 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation This Proves my point!.

    Nerdie Birdie just proved my point. He has went to Youtube and posted a video using my name without my permission talking all about what went down. This proves my point all he cares about is Youtube views. I kept this within Craftymynes I never went to Youtube I went to the forums. Feel free to comment. Admins DONT lock this thread. I don't fear what others might say Bring it on.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 7 18:14:16 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation Weekend sale at Humfrys house of color.

    I am having a discount sale this weekends specials are Silk god Picks and Sea lanterns!!!
    SILK GOD PICKS---30 diamonds Sea Lanterns----------7 diamonds per stack Cooked fish----------- 6 stacks for 1 diamond
    I will continue the sale over the weekend or til I am out of stock
    Don"t forget to check my store for all your other needs and pricing


    Item: Price:
    concrete powder-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 diamond per stack
    concrete solid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 diamonds per stack
    Terracotta -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 diamonds per stack
    Glazed Terracotta -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamond per 16
    observer blocks---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 diamonds per stack
    pistons --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 diamonds per stack
    sticky pistons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 diamonds per stack
    redstone repeaters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 diamond per stack
    redstone comparitors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 diamond per stack
    redstone torches -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 diamond per 2 stacks
    droppers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamond per 2 stacks
    dispensers------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 diamond per 1 stack
    hoppers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 diamond blocks per stack
    netherwart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamond per 3 stacks
    cactus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamond per 3 stacks
    oak wood logs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 diamond per stack
    spruce wood logs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 diamond per stack
    mending books -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 diamonds per book
    unbreaking 3 books ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 diamonds per book
    god pick silk or fortune 3------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 40 diamonds
    god set protect 4-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------120 diamonds
    god set projectile, blast or fire ---------------------------------------------------------------------------100 diamonds
    cobwebs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 to 6 diamonds per stack

    ink sacs-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 diamonds per stack
    prismarine shards-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamonds per stack prismarine crystals----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamonds per stack prismarine blocks------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2diamonds per stack prismarine bricks-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 diamonds per stack
    dark prismarine bricks-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 diamonds per stack
    Sea lanterns --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 diamonds per stack cooked fish ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 diamonds per 4 stacks

  10. Sat Oct 7 02:27:07 2017

    Its clearly stated anything withing a 1000 blocks of spawn will be removed. Move farther out.

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