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    Mon Mar 12 02:00:02 2018
    humfrydog started the conversation another satisfied customer.

    Recently my shop received a request to track down some rare items. I informed my Customer I had 1 of the rare items in stock and we settled on a very generous price. Soon after word spread of this rare sale and was asked to locate more of the rare items. As always Humfry's house of Color wen to to work day and night. thankfully my vast network of confidential suppliers located the item in question and we negotiated a price for the rare items. I then contacted my buyer that I had found some and we scheduled a exchange. Another Satisfied Customer and satisfied Seller. I personally took no payment for this transaction but my Buyer Graciously tipped me anyway. I want to thank my Suppliers and Customers for trusting and believing and me and my shop. I am unable to disclose the items, buyers or sellers to protect them. However I see no harm showing the payment I recieved prior to disbursement to my Suppliers. Too bad I only get to keep 1 stack as a tip.


  2. Sun Mar 11 17:59:36 2018

    @Cileklim Buying 4 stacks of packed ice, 2 stacks of glowstone, 2 stacks of cyan glazed terracotta and 5 stacks of cyan terracotta.

    order ready

  3. Sun Mar 11 17:35:27 2018
    humfrydog posted in The King Returns! (Livestream).

    so wheres the stream?

  4. 6 days ago
    Sun Mar 11 00:58:16 2018
    humfrydog posted in The start.

    the first rule of fight club is we dont talk about fight club
    link text

  5. Sun Mar 11 00:54:13 2018
    humfrydog posted in do you use a VPN?.

    i went with cyberghostVPN and it works with minecraft i am very happy, im still on 7 day trial but i am sure i will subscribe for 2 years

  6. Sat Mar 10 23:30:24 2018

    @Tekk42 Andesite, Granite, and Diorite, all of it.

    2 stacks of End Rods.

    4 ink sack stacks.

    4 stacks of blaze rods.

    Message me your preferred price (diamonds, gold, or otherwise, not picky) and I'll respond in turn.

    ok first half of your order for end rods, ink and blaze rods is filled and payed for TYVM.

    For the diorite , granite and andesite i put together 9 shulker chests of each type full of stacks and color coordinated, red for granite, grey for andestie and white for diorite.

    if you ant them in shulkers price is 9 diamonds per shulker so 27DBs total for all shulkers and their contents.

    If that is too high or you dont want the shulkers I can go 1 diamond per 9 stacks so total cost is 9DB for 27 stacks of diorite, 27 stacks of andesite and 27 stacks of granite


  7. Sat Mar 10 22:02:50 2018
    humfrydog posted in Fishing Tourney.

    will you be supplying fishing poles? i want to play perhaps we all start with a plain fishing pole and fish til it breaks

  8. Sat Mar 10 22:01:06 2018

    @acraft222 Humfry, i am prepared to offer you 5 diamond blocks if you can tell me the coordinates of my old above ground town

    Another service of friends of humfrys house of color. Home located and also gifted a skeleton and spider grinder that was an old base nearby. Enjoy glad to see you back

  9. last week
    Fri Mar 9 19:22:17 2018
    humfrydog posted in Fishing Tourney.

    anyone got a god fishing pole?
    i guess i need one for this competition

  10. Fri Mar 9 17:11:16 2018
    humfrydog posted in Fishing Tourney.

    sounds fun

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