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    Mon Nov 27 02:14:11 2017
    humfrydog posted in Net Neutrality.

    We Americans need this also. greedy corporations and there minions are pushing to take away our net neutrality so they can charge us more for less. its crap and it should be considered a public utility along with be governed by free speech. twitter, google and youtube are all censoring what we see based on their personal politcis ad views, But we are supposed to be the land of the free and brave with freedom of speech and news without censorship or propaganda.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 16 22:51:54 2017

    what name won?

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 14 00:52:03 2017

    George Washington's Cherry Chopper

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 5 16:50:17 2017
    humfrydog posted in Name Suggestion.


  5. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Nov 1 20:56:54 2017
    humfrydog posted in Private Mushroom Island for sale.

    i gave this to minseycraft and ricky

  6. Wed Nov 1 00:01:10 2017

    link text
    link text
    and dont forget my suspension bridges, lol

  7. Tue Oct 31 19:08:52 2017

    These are the best photos with shaders on of the Dragon statue all finished


  8. Tue Oct 31 19:07:16 2017

    A few things I have done

  9. Sun Oct 29 23:00:37 2017
    humfrydog posted in The King's First Livestream!.

    well? lets see it

  10. Sat Oct 28 05:35:22 2017
    humfrydog posted in Harvestar Showcase: Savannah Base.

    @SharpSerac no reason to bump it, if it doesn't get attention then it doesn't get attention.

    also why do you censor names lol we already have a list of all your members, not too hard to look at past skins as well to find out who they are

    I bumped it and some other topics so a player who was looking for them could see them. But I agree if it aint getting views dont bump without reason, lol I was trying to help a player out.

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