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  1. 2 days ago
    Tue Dec 12 01:08:51 2017

    order ready

  2. 6 days ago
    Thu Dec 7 22:45:29 2017

    Humfry's House of Color 2.0 is now open

  3. Thu Dec 7 22:44:19 2017
    humfrydog posted in CM Fit Club.

    I am i n great shape, the greatest shape in nature, ROUND, lol

  4. Thu Dec 7 22:43:01 2017
    humfrydog posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    Hmm Call the Boys someone trying to muscle in my territory, lol But mostly my prices are still cheaper, lol congrats on the shop ricky

  5. Thu Dec 7 22:41:07 2017

    I Know a guy, lol

  6. Thu Dec 7 22:39:21 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation Humfrydog's new knee.

    As some of you know i had Knee surgery. The full story is I injured my right knee July 6th of this year that required a meniscus surgery to repair. Sadly it resulted in a botched meniscus tear surgery on my right knee. After attempting to rehab it it was decided I had bone to bone contact causing extreme pain. As I result I had to have a second surgery to repair their fuck up in my opinion. At first is was supposed to be a partial knee joint replacement but on the day of the surgery it escalated to a full knee replacement including hacking my upper quad muscle in half and having it SHUT OFF for a week. this surgery occurred Nov 6th. Well here I am 4 weeks later healing and taking large amounts of opiates to combat the pain every 6 to 10 hours and using a walker to get around. I am now up to cane and walker occasionally but got 4 to 8 weeks more rehab with full mobility to return u to a year in total. I thought i would share the after surgery Frankenstein stapled up mess picture and finally my week 4 x-ray picture. FYI the x-ray shows the are they cut away and the spike portion of the replacement is hammered into the bone they cut then the rest is glued down with bone cement glue. They also ground the knee cap and added a button to the back if you loo closely.

    So if I have been weird lately or I saw its the drugs this is why, lol



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    Mon Dec 4 18:36:59 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation Lets talk Map reset and 1.13.

    I have heard whispers of a possible map reset which include a new spawn area plus a few special features. I assume this is just Crafty being prepared for the 1.13 update along with bug fixes that are supposed to come out this December month. In the event that 1.13 breaks everything as Mojang is saying it will have you "Crafty" received a advance snapshot and do you have a plan ready to go? Even if 1.13 does not break everything will there be a map reset ? or a vote for map reset or new map? And now for all those that frea out easily let me say the following " THE SKY IS FAllING!!!! MAP RESET!!!!" or maybe its not and i just wanted to have an honest discussion of some of the stuff thats going on

  8. Thu Nov 30 21:21:59 2017

    i have 2 god sets in stock for 120 diamonds per set fyi

  9. Thu Nov 30 21:20:37 2017

    @Football209 Football209 47 minutes ago
    Humfry can i buy a fortune god pick

    sure no problem price is 27 diamonds i still have a few in stock,
    new Humfry's house of Color 2.0 is up and running and nearly fully restocked, had my first order from javon he had a big order and wiped out all my concrete powder, lol ty javon great first sale, i will restock my powder stock asap

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Nov 27 21:07:23 2017

    @zevy03 Mmm... suspicious. I may have traded with the possible thief... He traded me 15 mending books for 60 diamonds, which i found amazing. His name was like... JKELLER4001 or something. :D

    the fact is his price is 4 diamonds a book. which is what nearly everyone sells them at. I currently have 30 in stock in my shop. FYI i buy all mine from othergreengamer. As far as your nether quartz go Jkeller was it solid blocks or loose pieces of quartz? I also stock solid quartz for sale.

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