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  1. yesterday
    Thu Oct 18 16:13:13 2018
    humfrydog posted in Clown Sightings.

  2. Thu Oct 18 16:07:15 2018

    if it was still 1.12 i would go to Humfrys House of color, lol ,............ now i say sign the petition to demand a Humfrys House of color 3.0.... lol

  3. 4 days ago
    Mon Oct 15 18:31:13 2018
    humfrydog posted in Buying Armor, tools, etc.

    link text Here is a link to a shop.selling
    most of your requested items with prices

  4. Mon Oct 15 18:24:35 2018
    humfrydog posted in Ink sacs?.

    how many do you need? i think i have got a stack or 2 laying around. id probally guess they are worth 4 diamonds per stack or less i used to sell for 2 diamonds per stack in 1 . 12 and i had a squid spawner. so hand collected may be a bit more.

  5. 5 days ago
    Sun Oct 14 19:45:25 2018
    humfrydog posted in A&C Co. has restocked !.

    can i trade conduits for a beacon? 5 to 1?

  6. last week
    Mon Oct 8 19:01:11 2018
    humfrydog started the conversation is there any value in conduits ?.

    i have several conduits extra and quite a few hearts of sea. I was wondering if there is a market for these.

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 4 19:33:29 2018
    humfrydog posted in Humfrydog's new knee.

    Well My bad luck continues........ As a few of you know i have had a hard run of luck in relation to the right replacement. I finally returned to work last April after 2 surgeries, lots of rehab and continuous pain. as of last August i was still experiencing pain and had received a doctors note instructing my company i could only work my scheduled days with no additional overtime til November. I thought i was on the road to final recovery and started to feel stronger. Then fate dealt another blow at the end of August. I was told i had to work 2 hours overtime extra after a 12 hour shift due to a accident on the freeway keeping fellow employees from arriving on time. And 10 minutes into the extra my LEFT knee had a sharp pain in the back and i was injured. I went to the doctor, got put on light duty and awaited MRI results.........

    Multiple Tears on my meniscus in my knee with a severe horizontal tear severing the back bone mount area.

    After online research and talking to doctors its starting to seriously look like I have to get another Full knee replacement this time on my left knee. Almost exactly a year to date of last one on Nov 6th 2017.

    I go to Orthopedist on the 17th to discuss my options.... I am so depressed i have been in pain for over a year straight and more in store for me. I need a go fund with all my expenses but that is a side note.

    So that is my latest update plus this is on workman's comp so i have a huge fight with the company also adding to my stress. If any of you are Christians please pray for me if you wouldn't mind, no joke.

    I probably will be playing during my recovery so i may be weird on my medications but look forward to all your help and support. this is a great community of friends, thank you all. sorry for the long post.

  8. Tue Oct 2 23:21:31 2018
    humfrydog posted in Beacon.

    i got conduits but also need beacons

  9. Tue Oct 2 23:20:23 2018

    thank you let me know when you have them all i finally got 2 tridents,

  10. Tue Oct 2 01:53:10 2018

    i need 2 unbreaking 3, 1 mending, 2 impaling 5, 2 channeling, 2 loyalty, 1 riptide 3

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