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    Thu Aug 3 21:36:55 2023
    lEproxyl posted in Team Eye Application (Official).

    Factions now in the mynes?? Might have to get my popcorn...

  2. 2 months ago
    Wed Jul 19 19:53:16 2023
    lEproxyl posted in Chicken.

    One of the chickens of all time

  3. Thu Jul 13 01:11:55 2023
    lEproxyl posted in How's everyone going?.

    @Glumac777 Been studying working and working out everyday pretty much, now I'm going on a vacation next monday, can't wait!

    Self improvement is always the best motive to have man good on you

  4. Thu Jul 13 01:10:55 2023
    lEproxyl posted in How's everyone going?.

    @DystopiaUnbound_ that's amazing man it's good to try new hobbies and Michigan isn't bad that's where I'm from lol

  5. Tue Jul 11 13:20:34 2023
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    You love to see it. Watermelon is epic

  6. Mon Jul 10 16:53:33 2023
    lEproxyl started the conversation How's everyone going?.

    Just wondering from everyone else's perspective, how are you all doing? What's new in life? What are some recent accomplishments that you all have done? Tell me anything, what makes you proud of yourself at this moment in time?

  7. Fri Jul 7 23:51:41 2023
    lEproxyl started the conversation lEproxyl's Staff Application.

    IGN: lEproxyl
    Age: 19
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Tell us a bit about yourself: Hello! My name is Sean and I am a long time player of Craftymynes. I have played on the server since roughly 1.14 and I have just been in love with the community. The main thing that I have always loved about this server has been the community and how much we are all willing to work on projects and how willing we all are to just enjoy the game and to have a good time. Something I did dislike about the server though is that once about 20 people get on, the server starts to lag a tad bit to the point where its kind of unplayable... That's okay though, and it wont stop me from at least trying to play on the server.
    I would say some of my strengths would be my persistence and leadership skills. I grew up in a pretty broken home and I would be relied on for morale and some form of leadership to my siblings and some friends that I grew up with. I am pretty good at making tough decisions and I won't back down from a problem that needs to be fixed. A pretty big weakness that I have is that I am absolutely awful at time management. Life happens, work happens, you already know.

    I am applying so that I can provide support and help to the only server that I have loved enough to patronize. I would like to provide the community with good support and possibly some help on other things too (if you have an issue with your computer at all, lemme know i will help you free of charge ;) ).

    Time played on Craftymynes: Roughly 20 million ticks from previous updates.

    If I could change one thing about myself, it would probably be my ability to control the way I manage my time. I have been working on it but I am far from the time management skills that I so desperately need...

    Thank you for your time admins if you read this :)

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    Thu Jul 21 23:21:45 2022
    lEproxyl posted in New player spawn point.

    that could be possible

  9. Tue Jun 21 15:26:09 2022
    lEproxyl posted in Server version?.

    Jesus Crafty I hated working one full-time job. But again it was fast food :/

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