MinecraftGTX's ban appeal

  1. last year

    Ign: TheMostFearedNon (Aka MinecraftGTX)
    Discord: Xias#7837 (auto decline is most likely on)
    I have been banned for using an unfair advantage mod (Armor huds) I did not know it was against the rules, if I was warned before hand I would remove the mod right away, I play on other servers (1.9 pvp) and I would need the mod when my durability goes down it is not an unfair advantage there, I also want to share my mod list as an image so if theres other mods that are a violation to the server rules I will take them off as soon as I want to get on there.

  2. We apreciate the maturity you use in this appeal, but unfortunately our rules are very strict when it comes to hacking in any form. Links to the rules page are posted regularly in chat from the system as well. We try very hard to maintain a true vanilla environment for all of our players here.

    I do wish you the best of luck on your other servers tho
    Appeal denied

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