Noctilucent_Sky's Staff Application

  1. last year

    In Game Name?

    Way, way, wayyyyyy over 16.

    Time Zone?
    Mountain Standard Time. (UTC-7)

    1. How long have you played here?
    It's been at least a year and a half judging by how far back my screenshots go. I had a base in the 1.17.1 incarnation of the server that I really learned a lot with.

    2. What do you like about the server?
    I like that it's a vanilla survival server. I just want to play minecraft for how it comes stock. Like real life, the challenge to survive and thrive can be exciting. I like seeing what other players create and also how they have dealt with a lot of challenges, such as griefing from various players. I have learned how to build some pretty cool redstone contraptions which I find very satisfying.

    3. What do you dislike about the server?
    Most of my issues with the server are really issues that tie back to vanilla minecraft itself. Things like rewinds/backtracking when there are a lot of people playing or the need for reduced render distance because of poor memory management due to the basic architecture of minecraft chunk loading and visualization. That being said, I don't like that I am frequently the only player on right now...

    4. What are your strengths?
    I'm a technical person. I'm not a software engineer per se but I can do some coding. I like solving problems, making things efficient, automation, and optimizing things. I can be a bit of perfectionist but I try to keep it within the bounds of what could be considered practical.

    5. What are your weaknesses?
    I stay up too late and I should eat more vegetables (Except for brussel sprouts, I actually like those).

    Why you are applying?
    I like helping new players get started and bringing them up to speed on how things work. I've been doing that for a while and OhWowSoBig recommended I apply when I mentioned my interest, so here I am.

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