Spawn City messed with

  1. 7 months ago

    I assume it's intentional but you now can't place any blocks within 30 blocks of 0/0 or destroy blocks essentially making part of spawn city unplayable, There was already a place nearby where you couldn't interact with blocks and now it looks to have been moved into one of the only spots where players build at publicly rendering a 60x60 area useless, please change it back or fix

  2. Originally 0,0 was protected with vanilla spawn protection to prevent players from messing with the command block room. When we reset, the spawn was set randomly causing the spawn protection to end up about 200 blocks away. We then had some players figure out a way to mess with the command block room so we had to move the spawn protection back. We/I will clean up the area within 30 blocks when we/I have time.

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