NE0GE0's ban appeal.

  1. 6 months ago


    reason for ban: using lunar client

    why I should be unbanned: I assumed the reason you weren't allowed to use unapproved clients was just because of the features, so I disabled all the features that conflicted with the rules and thought It was fine, then someone in the discord reported me for using the client, I then asked "is the client not allowed" after looking at other ban appeals and seeing that just using the client is a ban-able offence I stopped using it and still got banned. I plan on returning to this server when I have a better pc so I wont have to use any clients at all. I promise to never use lunar client on this server ever again.

  2. The rules explicitly state what clients are allowed and what aren't. Disabling features would mean we'd have to rely solely on your word that you're not exploiting them. We allow other clients that assist in framerate and performance. We even provide links to them. You have no excuse for continuing to use a banned client and assuming that everyone will just believe you. If that seems harsh, I'm sorry, but you accepted our rules when you joined our server, saw that the client you were using wasn't allowed, and kept using it.

    This account will remain banned. Best of luck elsewhere.

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