1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by mcgrahamkracker

    Um I'm sorry for using the language that I used that got me banned. I'm really sorry that I used such language, and I feel like I can be a great asset to this server as I am a great minecraft player. Hello I edited this message because I was unable to post a reply 2chill. I'm sorry that I tried to use this as a dating service, but I think you are really cute and wanted to have a minecraft girlfriend to maybe build a base with.

  2. Hello mcgrahamkracker ,
    The title seems misleading considering you seem to realize by your appeal what you did wrong but its not really so much the language its the fact you were warned last night by me , and kicked tonight by me , then banned . You seem to be under the impression this is a dating service of some sort.. but i assure you its not craftymynesharmony , so in the future please stop harassing anyone about wanting to date etc , this may not exactly show up in the rules exactly as that , which is why i gave you multiple chances and tried explaining it to you , but you did not heed said warning so here we are..
    I hope when you come back to the server you will put this stuff behind you and move on and follow the rules and guidance of staff more closely .

    You will be unbanned in 24 hours when a admin or the owner is available to do so .

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