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    Running a great server like CraftyMynes costs a lot of money and every penny helps. If everyone on the forum contributed just $1 (less than the price of a coffee), we could pay off the entire server bill instantly. You will be thanked graciously in game and your contribution will go towards the Piggy Bank.

    What is the Piggy Bank?

    Players can donate as much or as little as the want. When the Piggy Bank reaches $500, a forum post will be made announcing a date and time when a custom boss with a custom head will be spawned in the PVP arena. All players will have a chance to kill and collect the head dropped by the boss.

    Where your money is going

    Main Server, 6700k @ 4.7ghz, 64gb ram
    Database Cloud Server, 2cpus, 4gb ram
    2x Backupsy 2tb Archive and Backup Servers
    Dropbox Backup and File History Service
    BuyCraft Store Service
    Domain Names
    Other Software and Services

  2. Would be nice if there was a payment option that wasn't credit/debit/PayPal, of which I don't have any and can't aquire them.

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    What payment options can you take?

    I have both:

    Here are the ones I can add:

    If none of those work, you can always asking someone to buy for you and trade in-game items or go to any gas station or Walmart or really anywhere and get a pre-payed debit/credit card.

  4. Offline mailing has been the only way I've done any purchases online (BeamNG.Drive before it hit steam) however I'm gonna look into the prepaid cards

  5. what the hell I have a dollar or two mise well make use of it

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