Klarinogampros's Ban Appeal

  1. 11 months ago
    Edited 11 months ago by Klarinogampros

    In Game Name: Klarinogampros

    Reason for your ban: Chat Violation (Sexual References)

    Why should you be unbanned:
    I just made a joke about villagers that eat carrots and then breed, it wasn't that bad. Besides console warned me to watch my language and I got surprised because I didn't remember a rule saying something about sexual references but only for sexual identity and preferences. When the console warned me I went afk to see again the rules and when I came back I saw that I got banned. Isn't there a warning first or a kick and then a ban?... I got banned at once and what I said wasn't so bad to get me banned. I like this server and it's a stupid thing for me not to be able to play again just because I mentioned a damn medicine.
    http://imgur.com/b3vJk8O (That's a screenshot I got from my console because I couldn't find an other way to screenshot the discussion when I got banned) I went to re-read the chat rules when I said "That medicine was a bad word?". Staff that was in the server didn't get in trouble to send me a message reminding me this rule or kicking me with a warning but they just insta-ban.
    After all I read the rules thoroughly and I won't make any mistake again.

  2. Hello you were previously warned for other chat violations and I warned you that "it'll be a ban next time" before you were banned. You were totally aware of what you did is prohibited on the server but you choose not to follow the rules and ignored the warnings given. Please take this 24 hours time to go through the rules again and make sure you stick to the rules in the future.

  3. Pardoned.

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