CODEButterKnife's ban appeal

  1. 9 months ago

    Reason chat violation
    I was bored so instead of playing i decided to chat and i make alot of jokes (that i only think are funny and noone else) i said racist things i said "just because hes black doesnt mean he is going to rob or kill you dont be racist" or something like that i also said "This server is " "oops i almost said the server was gay i woukdve gotten banned but i forgot to do /msg so i was like uh oh and i got banned (ive also probably sweared a bit but in the rules it says you can swear a bit) maybe i deserve the ban but imo it shouldnt be a perm ban it should be a week 2 weeks i dont know what ever you think but hey maybe this server thinks it should be a perm anyway i hope i get unbanned this was my favorite survival server becuase of the lack of plugins and mods its vanilla which i love if i stayed banned or not i hope this server stays alive and well (and that was my poor grammar ban appeal sorry for the bad grammar)

  2. Edited 9 months ago by Venetorem

    well, as much as i would like to adhere to your request of a 2 week ban, that's a tad extreme even for me. You will be pardoned in 24 hours. Do take care to follow the server rules, and staff warnings in the future.

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