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    Welcome to Humfry's House of Color !!!!! This is my shop for Colored concrete powder or block and Terracotta or glazed Terracoota. As some of you already know I sell all kinds of items and build statues for players at price. Well this is my shop where I keep a ready supply of all colors. If you ever need supplies and Squidd's shop is not online I am happy to help out to fill the gaps. But please visit his shop first as we have an agreement that I am not out to take his business. I sell at the same prices as his shop and I believe he handles very large orders. I tend to stock 20 stacks of each colored concrete and terracotta . and small amount of glazed usually 1 to 2 stacks. the rest I make as needed.



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    Looks great!

  3. minesy

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    awesome dude

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