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  1. yesterday
    Mon Feb 19 21:27:46 2018

    OK I will get right on it, I believe i have 2 already to go

    @sknup Red netherbricks need about 10 shulkers full to start

  2. Mon Feb 19 20:56:13 2018

    So does anyone need anything at all? I also stock netherwart blocks and red nether brick. Soon I will be offering enchanted books just getting the villager thing going.

  3. 4 days ago
    Fri Feb 16 17:31:32 2018

    One of the more sought after items player tend to look for are music discs. But some don't want to go through the trouble to get the rarer ones from having a skeleton kill a creeper, or don't want to risk dying from doing so. SO I am offering up a complete record collection with a jukebox for 15DB


    Next up

    Custom Shulker Chests for 1DB each. you can choose from 16 different colors and I can name them if you want them named.


    Next up

    God Elytras with mending and unbreaking 3 for 5DB each and I will include 16 rockets with each purchase. These too I am happy to name if you like.

    Finally Gunpowder and rockets. Gunpowder Stacks for 4DB or 3 stacks of rockets for 4DB

    Do not forget to visit my store for all your other needs from concrete and terracotta to almost anything else I also have a small stock of slime balls for sale taking offers.

    link text

  4. last week
    Mon Feb 12 22:28:21 2018

    Dog need simple stuff, like " go Find Big Pink Bird" lol

  5. Mon Feb 12 19:23:08 2018
    humfrydog posted in a question to staff.

    Proof Crafty is a God is the rain. He made it stop on command and can return it on a whim. A true god!!!

  6. Mon Feb 12 16:58:54 2018
    humfrydog posted in a question to staff.

    @Carl_Sagan1 I totally forgot about rain and snow :( i would love to see them

    I gotta agree i miss the snow i hope it returns

  7. Mon Feb 12 01:42:44 2018
    humfrydog started the conversation a question to staff.

    As we all know Eventually Aquatic update will arrive. As I personally expect and hope we will get a new map.
    With that said this is not a update thread but a future of the server thread.

    Will Crafty continue to host this server or as his personal life changes might it come to an end?
    If the update does occur what future changes and tweaks will we the players have to look forward to?
    A new Spawn area?
    Will rain and snow return?
    Will it stay vanilla or go to a semi vanilla to address lag and hacking?
    Will there be price increases or monthly fees?
    Will new pets and rare eggs become available via VIP+ stuff?

    As for me I intend to keep playing and building and looking forward to new maps, mansions and features.
    Also I hope to help host additional events and games for all to join in, for me this is the best server even on my worst day, lol

  8. Mon Feb 12 00:50:08 2018
    humfrydog posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    so what happened to this secret event? its been 2 days

  9. Thu Feb 8 21:51:27 2018

    my turn to have server issues, lol

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 6 21:10:28 2018
    humfrydog posted in Contest for my base.

    Yeah I got it right I win!!! Good boy!!

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