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  1. 13 hours ago
    Fri Sep 22 01:57:31 2017
    humfrydog posted in Unable to play.

    @HaloNest Yea optifine's totally not only about skin and render options.

    Ctm, Cit, Cem, Mcpatcher, Capes, cF, custom fonts and skies and loads more.

    By the way today the newest version of optifine was released, (still for 1.12.1) now it's possible to have more guis for every containers, like chests shulkers etc.

    i have no idea what half of that is ctm?, cit? cem? mcpatcher?cf ? and seriously what is guis? i just use it to help with fps what do those letters mean and do? And yes i am that clueless to computer acronyms

  2. Fri Sep 22 01:55:04 2017
    humfrydog posted in Unable to play.

    ok ty crafty and alarm. not sure what you mean alarm i just use optifine to reduce animations to allow better FPS. I not sure how to modify minecraft directly and don't really want to try. All I know for sure is optifine is allowed and i use to improve play ability at the loss of fancy trees and animations. i will patiently await optifine's release so I can play again.

  3. 17 hours ago
    Thu Sep 21 21:38:55 2017
    humfrydog posted in Unable to play.

    for future reference why does the server always immediately update to latest version? For me I am unable to play until a optifine update is available for new update cause my computer sucks and without it my FPS drops to nearly unplayable levels.

  4. yesterday
    Wed Sep 20 15:52:01 2017
    humfrydog posted in The Elites Faction Application.

    Interesting concept who is the leaders of this faction? Are you currently allied with any other factions?

  5. Wed Sep 20 15:50:51 2017

    @BoneChi11er -image-
    I got one tardis for you doc

    Look at all those beacons,, humfry starts to droll.

  6. Wed Sep 20 15:48:34 2017

    @Valgys And is it possible for me to trade or otherwise acquire them?

    I likethis idea also would be cool to have a hall of banners like that. I definately want a tardis 1 for sure

  7. 4 days ago
    Sun Sep 17 18:45:53 2017
    humfrydog posted in Looking for Andesite.

    I will trade 1 stack of andesite for each 8 stacks of cobblestone. let me know if this is acceptable to you.

  8. 5 days ago
    Sun Sep 17 06:24:00 2017
    humfrydog started the conversation vanishing books.

    how much per book? how many can you provide?

  9. last week
    Fri Sep 15 00:59:53 2017

    please private message me prices when you guys can ty

  10. Thu Sep 14 23:54:16 2017
    humfrydog posted in Selling 2 god sets and picks.

    they have mending on them already

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