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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 27 22:16:51 2019
    humfrydog posted in I'm Back and Better Than Ever :D.

    Great to here from you

  2. 5 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 10 19:06:05 2019
    humfrydog posted in War....?.

    LMAO it would be nice to inject some new drama and excitement into the old place.

  3. Wed Oct 9 18:23:17 2019
    humfrydog posted in War....?.

    @iwarriiori NerdNation has come back for revenge, we need to unite and defeat them!

    Is this true? The parrot has returned?

  4. 4 months ago
    Tue Jul 9 04:15:37 2019

    best of luck to you

  5. Tue Jun 25 19:03:07 2019
    humfrydog posted in 1.14.4 thoughts?.

    What pack are you running to get those mob faces?? Lol i want it, lol

  6. Tue Jun 18 16:44:11 2019
    humfrydog posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    If i dosen't instruct others could you explain what exploit/thing they are doing? as in a rough overview. like a exploit in script allows easy location or lighting allows location . i am just curious so i can protect myself . this sounds intense i have been offline nearly 12 days plus so apparently i missed a lot.

  7. 5 months ago
    Fri Jun 7 20:40:02 2019
    humfrydog posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I was recently online and BRAVO to Crafty its been much better! Clearly Crafty is on the right track.

  8. Sat Jun 1 20:20:44 2019
    humfrydog posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I want the server to continue with game play as near to vanilla as possible. I am open to whatever achieves this goal. I feel the server is dying due to massive mobs and lag. chunks load slow also.. If we can add a few things to fix this while maintaining the Vanilla feel I am on board.

  9. Thu May 30 20:30:45 2019
    humfrydog posted in 3 cheers for Nysic and all admins.

    @FieryPhoenix64 But he wasnt hacking though, it was just lauguage. Many people have been unbanned after being banned for language and disrespecing staff

    so i cant compliment the staff for taking a chance on a repeat offender? way to be negative. I was trying to be upbeat and supportive jeez .lol
    its fine i know but i am trying to be more positive these day its been a rough 2 years for me and finally things are improving so i wanted to pay it forward.

  10. Thu May 30 20:24:58 2019
    humfrydog started the conversation optifine 1.14.2 preview is ready.

    OK another chance at better FPS the preview version of optifine 1.14.2 has been released and full functioning version is at 96 % as of today. so we can use the preview for now. here is a link.
    link text

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