Kaolo_'s Ban Appeal.

  1. 9 months ago
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    In Game Name: Kaolo_

    Reason for your ban: "X-ray"

    Why should you be unbanned: Hello! I was banned from your server around 8-10 months ago. Now from what I can recall, I was on the server for about 4-6 hours playing. I teamed up with a friend & was living with them. I decided to create a strip-mine, and began mining. It was a pretty simple strip mine in fact. Diamonds/other ores I was looking for, spawned between levels 0-13, sometimes 15 if you're lucky. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes of mining, I didn't find a lot, but it was manageable. So since the Ores I was looking for spawned between levels 0-13, I decided to create a stair-case strip mine. I have been playing vanilla Minecraft for 7 years. I mainly started off playing on the PS3 for quite sometime. I made a Survival-pvp server/anarchy server and invited friends. In PS3 it is strait vanilla and vanilla only, no mods, no way to give yourself a unfair advantage towards other players in the game. Then I moved to PC back in mid 2014 and searched around for Vanilla survival-pvp servers and played on one for about a year. I'm 23 years old, so I took a break from Minecraft for about 6 months. And got back into it. As my experience on the PS3, I came across a lot of strategies to become a more superior pvper/player on my Worlds. Now PS3 Minecraft might sound like a jest to PC players, but it takes a lot more practice and knowledge to play. As I progressed, I discovered so many Mining and Farming ways to get things done a lot quicker and more efficient. I began to experiment with different Mining options. I tried digging 5 blocks vertically in my strip mines, I began digging 3 blocks horizontally in my strip mines. Found a lot of riches from doing those for hours on end. Then I tried the Stair-case method. I made my normal level 12 strip mine, and made as many sections as I needed. I then began to make stair-cases going down and up throughout my strip mine sections. And at first I was very surprised, I found a lot of riches by doing that on PS3. I used this method on your server. I also used it on the server I first played on PC. The owner and other staff questioned me on it, and I explained it to them. They originally thought it was something called "xray" I was confused and didn't know what X-ray was at the time, because I just started playing on PC. But after a while I began to discover the cheaters that played on the server. I then joined the Staff team and was banning cheaters left and right. I have never tried cheating in Minecraft before, and I don't plan on it. I have played many games & Minecraft is by far the easiest game I have played. I do not need to cheat in Minecraft to make myself feel better and be more superior. As I mining in the location I was in, I found everything I needed and never got around to finishing my Strip Mine. The server I used to play on, sadly shut down. That's why I was trying out other servers. I fancied CraftyMynes for the period I was on. Thank you for your time & readings on my Ban Appeal. Also it says I was banned for "chest ESP" If you do happen to maybe have a video or some sort of proof to me "cheating" I'd greatly appreciate it if you would show me, thanks.

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    Hello, my name is BaronBattleBread and ill be your customer service representitive today.

    First, love your quotation marks, they add an air of impunity to the entire thing. And man, you attention to detail is spot on for only having been on the server for a few hours, 8-10 months ago.

    Second, You can lose the ps3 bit; its irrelavance to the story really kinda ruins the immersion, in my opinion.

    Third, asking for proof is real icing on the cake stuff, very high level appealing.

    However, a few things to note:
    A staircase mine dosent beatout a good old fashioned strip mine for oph.
    Being staff on another server dosent mean anything to me. I know lots of servers that employ people we've banned for blatantly cheating.
    However, theres one part of your story that really sinks in here- you were banned, by your own words, for Xray AND chest esp, see- thats a thing we dont write down lightly. as staff members, when we ban someone we put the reason because it makes it easier on us when they appeal, to know if theyll come back.... I might even have pardoned you, it being so long and there not being photo evidence. BUT there is one thing i do know, and thats that when you were banned, a staff member tricked you into proving you were cheating. and im not gonna overlook that obvious fact.

    You might of gotten away with it too, but you wrote your story too well.
    Goodluck Elsewhere, this appeal is denied.

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