SandSeal72's Ban Appeal

  1. 4 months ago

    Username for game: SandSeal72

    Banned By: Pestering people repeatedly for their heads

    Out of all this time of being banned, I have had a lot of time to regret what I did to get banned. Minecraft is a game that i would like to spend most of my time on so I could help other people. And out of all my time on Myne Fun, I kept hearing about how great the server was and sucky other servers were. I feel like Myne Fun is such a great place to spend my time on and being banned just didn't feel good. it felt like I just got more bitter because I can't help the people around me, and how I could on Myne Fun. Having that ban has given me so much regret and if I get unbanned, I will not let my bad mood affect the way I act. No more bothering people for me, that is too much regret. I hope to hear that others have forgiven my mistakes, and I hope I will be unbanned.

  2. Hi SandSeal72

    I'm the mod that banned you and i remember you very clearly.

    Your ban was for ignoring several requests to stop pestering people and for telling a member of staff to eff off. Please pay attention to staff in future - we are all volunteers trying to make it a great place for everyone to play.

    Please familiarise yourself with our rules.

    As it's been a while since you were banned and you clearly regret your behaviour i will pardon you immediately.

    Welcome back and i look forward to seeing you on the server.


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