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  1. yesterday
    Sat Jan 20 21:53:55 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Durinôr.

    Holy crap, that looks amazing. The optifine makes it look absolutely stunning.

  2. Sat Jan 20 21:52:02 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in how!!?!!?!?!?.

    I don't understand what's wrong, is that suppose to be the sun in game?

  3. 3 days ago
    Fri Jan 19 01:54:55 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Pretty?.

    While I love the andesite and diorite combo (it's what I use in all my builds. I think you could add a slightly more textured block in there to spice it up. I use cobble (Everyone gives me crap, but it looks nice) but im sure other blocks would work too.

  4. 5 days ago
    Tue Jan 16 18:22:32 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Auto-reconnect?!.

    Because when the server resets, or if you get kicked for inactivity, it can give an unfair advantage to those who use afk farms. Someone who uses auto reconnect would have to put less work into playing the game, compared to someone who plays legit. That, and the fact that most people who use auto-reconnect have other hacks installed as well, as it usually comes standard with most hacked clients. For those reasons, we don't allow auto-reconnect.

  5. last week
    Sun Jan 14 19:46:35 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Mister's map art.

    Why would he tell you when he can sell you the map?

  6. Wed Jan 10 14:52:58 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Ghast Tears.

    @humfrydog I bid 8DB a stack

    I would have to agree with Humfrydog, as they aren't the hardest thing to get in the game, but getting them is a tedious task.

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Jan 5 00:15:28 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Is 5-Zig Mod allowed?.

    The 5-zig mod is not allowed because it can give an unfair advantage in pvp. You get to see your specific armor stats through the battle, where other people may not. It would allow you to fight smarter and know which piece of armor is about to break. Also Venetorem answered your question in game.

    [17:31:29] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <jetpack247> Venetorem is 5zig allowed on this

    [17:31:37] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§9Venetorem§r> No

  8. 4 months ago
    Sun Sep 10 22:23:17 2017
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in the hunger games arena.

    Hey that’s really cool, I bet it took you guys ages to make it.

  9. Sun Sep 10 22:22:10 2017

    I think it would be very hard to do with command blocks, plus I don’t think everyone would enjoy it. As well it would take away playing time from those with busy schedules if they were to not want to participate. It’s a cool idea, but I don’t think it would be the best for the server. However it’s a great idea for a server of its own.

  10. Mon Aug 28 19:18:46 2017
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Home tp problem.

    I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, however if you don't have your coords and need them you can always private message Crafty. Just go to New Conversation, select General, and then there should be a little message at the top that should allow you to change who can see the post. Just put Crafty's name in there (CraftyMyner) and ask him for your coords. He'll get to it as soon as he can.

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