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    Tue Jun 4 05:13:44 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    While I feel that sticking to our vanilla routes is important, I know that this server is more than just a server or block game. In its more simplest form, it is yes, but this server provides a getaway for people. It is a way to distract from real life for a couple of hours and have some fun you might otherwise not. It has given me people I'd call my closest friends. I've even met a couple of people in person that I've played with for years on here. When I first joined the server I was in a dark place with my depression and family issues. When I had free time I could come on for a little bit and play with others. I didn't feel as alone and isolated from the world. I had people to spend time with to make the bad times go just a little bit faster and be a little more enjoyable. I think that our community is so strong and if we wish to stick to the principal of being vanilla the server will die out and we will lose all the creative, loving and caring people that make our server special and unique. As much as I would hate losing our vanilla status, I would rather lose that than each and every one of you lovely people that kept me going in those dark times and keep me company to this day :)

  2. Mon May 6 16:54:33 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    It's been a good hot minute so I thought I'd remind you all I'm not dead (at least physically)


  3. Sat Feb 9 22:54:43 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in HeckNUp's Ban Appeal.

    Hello Heck,
    It's always a sad thing when long-time players and donators are banned for cheats. It's also quite a deep punch in the gut as you were doing something good and reporting rule breakers on the server. I understand and believe that you had no bad intentions or ill will when using minimaps. However, as there is the potential for someone to use it to gain an unfair advantage we don't allow it. Given the use of minimap and the fact that you are a long time player and should know better, I'm sad to say this ban will be permanent.

    Best of luck elsewhere,
    - JaceNeedsCoffee

  4. Wed Jan 30 05:00:14 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Apo13o's ban appeal.

    Hello, I'm the moderator that banned you,
    As you stated:

    @Apo13o prior knowledge does not matter in this context

    When you join the server you agree to the rules, whether you read them or not. I will say I do appreciate your honesty and sincerity, however, here on CraftyMynes we take any and all cheating very seriously. As a result, this ban will be permanent.

    Best of luck elsewhere,

  5. Tue Jan 29 16:27:35 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in SMOOTHIES4LIFE Ban Appeal.

    You have been pardoned, welcome back

  6. Sat Jan 26 07:18:51 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in SMOOTHIES4LIFE Ban Appeal.

    Hi, I'm the mod that banned you,
    I do very much enjoy the fact that you are sorry and honest about what you did, however, I'm quite disappointed with your behavior as of tonight. The past few days you have received numerous verbal warnings and kicks from the game. When the player report came in I was not very happy to see that you were not only breaking the chat rules you've had problems with the past few days but also the fact your messages were quite disgusting in nature both in that they were either sexual or offensive.


    Then there was more:


    The past couple of days you have also harassed bgmg and that is not tolerated on this server. We try to create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone, and we expect this of EVERYONE.

    Given the nature of your offenses, the fact that you have had numerous warnings to change your behavior, and also the harassment of another player, you will remain banned for 3 days from my posting. In that time I urge you to take a good read of the rules. Link to Rules Page

    See you in three days,

  7. Mon Jan 21 02:03:16 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in DavidGolait's Ban Appeal.

    You've been pardoned, welcome back.

  8. Mon Jan 14 02:45:24 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in DavidGolait's Ban Appeal.

    Hello, I'm the Mod that banned you.
    I was very aware that you were joking. However, this does NOT excuse the offense or make it any less serious. We take any and all admission, joking or not, very seriously. I had a private conversation with you before the offense that got you banned. In this conversation, I had warned you about what would happen if you joked about hacking. Instead of listening to me you made a full 180 and decided to do exactly what I warned you not to do.


    Someone asked you what you were up to, and this was your response. Having been a long time player you should have known before I warned you this was a serious bannable offense. So because you didn't heed my warning, this is your second ban, and the fact that you should know better given your long time on CraftyMynes I have been instructed that your ban is to be 7 days. You will be pardoned a week from now on Sunday, Jan. 20th at 8:30 PM central time. Please in this time do take the chance to read up on the rules Link to Rules Page

    See ya then,

  9. Fri Jan 11 05:14:28 2019
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Server problems.

    Thanks for letting us know, Crafty is workin on now :)

  10. Wed Dec 19 01:14:38 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in The Mountain Home.

    That looks absolutely stunning. Wish I could build that well.

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