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  1. last week
    Thu Dec 6 05:42:15 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Buying Spruce leaves .

    I'm a tad busy rn, but I could definitely get you the spruce leaves. It would probably be sometime next week since I have finals, but I can do it for some gunpowder.

  2. Sun Dec 2 05:58:23 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in TomTom900.

    This can be easily doctored, there is nothing we can do to verify whether he did it or not. If you find any other proof, please send it to us. For now though please destroy the sign. Thank you - Jace

  3. Fri Nov 30 23:46:52 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in bgmg's Ban Appeal.

    You’ve been pardoned. Welcome back.

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 30 03:37:32 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in bgmg's Ban Appeal.

    Hi, I'm the moderator that banned you. I was very sad to see the language being used in the player report when I opened it. Since you've had past chat violations I decided to go ahead and ban right away. I understand after our brief chat, that since you don't live in the US, you weren't familiar with the more common meaning of the word. While this isn't an excuse for your actions, I do understand it wasn't your intention to break the rules. I'm very glad to see that you are very sincere with your appeal and you do feel sorry. So since you have expressed your sincere apologies, I've decided to go easy on the ban and make it a day from the ban which was at 4:15 my time. We'll see ya soon.

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 23 08:58:33 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in DeeLowDay's Ban Appeal.

    If you really care about coming back to the server, you will take your appeal process more seriously. Until then you will remain banned.

  6. Fri Nov 23 08:48:03 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Banned for roleplaying.

    Please use the correct format. Appeal Format Link

  7. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 4 20:20:26 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Ink Sac Villager.

    @humfrydog best of luck on the surgery.

  8. Sun Nov 4 20:16:43 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Whos been looting us?.

    No they’re trolling you. The world border is 200k. I’d recommended somewhere between 80k and 150k blocks out. If you want to make absolute sure you don’t get found, build underground in conjunction with building that far out. I always try to challenge myself and build a fully sustainable underground base.

  9. Sat Nov 3 23:55:31 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    I love the cat family, Naidae, I want more but my current cats hates friends.

  10. Fri Nov 2 19:40:23 2018
    JaceNeedsCoffee posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    Love the kitty Javon, I've never raised chickens but it looks fun to collect the eggs (free breakfast)

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