Nicnicnico's Staff Application

  1. 5 months ago

    IGN: Nicnicnico

    Age: 16

    Time zone: GMT+3 (MSC)

    Strengths: I am friendly and trustworthy, willing to bring community together and help new and old players of all kinds to experience as much comfort and fun in playing as possible. I don’t see the difference between players of any style of gaming until they are following the rules, so I don’t have anything against griefers or raiders, even tho I’m not griefing personally.

    Weaknesses: my English grammar skills are not that great, but I’m working on it constantly :)

    Why are you applying:
    I am absolutely in love with the server and its community, here I learned a lot of new things and mechanics, so as found a lot of nice people to play with. I want to help CraftyMynes to become even better, and the most I can do is become a helper myself!

    Time played on CraftyMynes: 16,287,975 ticks

    -Nicnicnico (Nico, Nic, etc)

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