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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Aug 17 17:05:23 2019
    DeJean started the conversation DeJean's Helper application.

    In Game Name: DeJean

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: Central European Time

    Strengths: Very active player

    Weaknesses: Not very talkative

    Why am I applying? Because I have been playing on this server for over a year now and I realy liked the time I have spent on it. I want to help the server out.

    Time played on this server: 1.73 million ticks but I had about 25 million before the reset to 1.14

    Notes: I stopped playing on the server for a month after the reset but have come back into it.
    I will keep enjoy playing on the server watever the outcome is!

  2. 3 months ago
    Thu May 2 20:24:58 2019

    how long?

  3. Wed May 1 20:44:10 2019

    Hi, im DeJean and i dont care

    • good at everything
    • doesnt care
    • and doesnt care
    • Age: 61or 16
    • tick count: a lot
    • bout me: I dont care
    • skilz: as i said everything

    But, pls let me in cuz the hunter is bout to shoot me ;-;

  4. Mon Apr 22 05:42:34 2019
    DeJean posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    Time to go raiding

  5. 4 months ago
    Sat Apr 6 07:55:59 2019

    Now tell me how you found it, because i dont think you could fly there, dont you think

  6. Wed Apr 3 12:38:29 2019

    he deleted it

  7. Wed Apr 3 07:20:20 2019
    DeJean posted in A&C Global Co. shop.

    Check 3D for cheapest prices!

  8. Wed Apr 3 07:10:35 2019
    DeJean posted in 3D Armor (Cheapest).

    oops, we went into sales

  9. Tue Apr 2 19:25:03 2019

    ofcourse, why not???

  10. Tue Apr 2 19:11:46 2019

    Is it because you like reporting people who arent in your favor, and wouldnt like them to come back hmmmmm???

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