Super_Anime_Luva's Staff Application

  1. last year

    In Game Name: Super_Anime_Luva

    Age: 20

    Time Zone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

    Strengths: I'm quite active when online and I'm polite and courteous to other players. I've been pretty active in welcoming new players and giving any help where I can.

    Weaknesses: Due to my work schedule, I'm not on a lot during the week.

    Why you are Applying: I'm often online when other staff are offline and do my best to help players and sometimes fend off the trolls or those who aren't following the rules. Unfortunately, the times that I've tried to remind people of the rules, I'm not taken seriously and I'd like to better help the environment of the server by being there when others aren't.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 15 852 624

    Custom Note (optional): I've really enjoyed being on the CraftyMynes server and look forward to being on here in the future. It's lots of fun and I've met a lot of really great people so I'd like to be able to maintain that for other people as well.

  2. Thank you for you application.

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