Bauhausen's Ban Appeal

  1. 6 months ago
    Edited 6 months ago by Bauhausen

    In Game Name: Bauhausen

    Reason for your ban: Xray

    Why should you be unbanned:
    The reason why I should be unbanned is that I was not using a Xray. My buddies leo theconquerer, Friendsfries and I were all in the mines, digging for some diamons. I have a fortune 2 pickaxe, so I would teleport to them whenever they found diamons so that they would have a greater chance of getting more diamons. I was finding a higher number of diamons than usual, but not because I was cheating in any way, rather because I was lucky. So, over the course of some time, it may have looked like i got a lot of diamonds. Not sure if that is what alerted someone to this suspicion.
    I don't use any texture packs or anything other than the vanilla minecraft.
    I consider myself a good member of the community and would be sad to leave behind my base and memories in the craftymines. I truly did not cheat. Let me know if there is a way I can prove this, not sure if there are logs I can share with you.
    Thank you,

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  3. follow the format found here -

  4. Hello, as you might've guess I'm the one that banned you.

    I watched you for the better part of an hour, and in that hour I watched both you and FriendsFries xray to various ores, not just diamond. I wanna point out the fact that "being lucky" doesn't really have anything to do with it when you're digging COMPLETELY out of your way, ( up, down etc ) to acquire the ores.

    I've had an admin review my footage that I took, and have come to the conclusion that you and your friend FriendsFries were in fact xraying, and the both of you will remain banned.

    Best of luck on other servers.

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