Jordaannnn ban appeal

  1. 6 months ago

    Ign name -jordaannnn (itsJojo or something)

    Reason I was banned - honestly can’t remember it was so long ago I know it wasn’t hacks tho I have never hacked ever.

    Reason I should be unbanned- whatever it was for I haven’t played minecraft in years and kinda wanted to start fresh on vanilla again and sorry for whatever it was and hoping I can be unbanned

  2. Edited 6 months ago by Nysic


    We've been discussing your unique case as it's been quite sometime since you have been banned. 3 years ago your ban was made permanent after being banned 4 times (for mostly the same thing, ignoring staff warnings and disrespecting staff) and finally while waiting out your 4th ban you were caught advertising this server on other servers.

    So taking into account the time banned, your age at the time and the offences, the decision is thus. We will pardon your account iiTzzJojooo and it will also be unbanned on the forums.

    However, should you break our rules again I will reinstate your ban as a permanent one.

    You are being given a second chance, consider this your probation.


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