Yoda_CaKe Ban Appeal <3

  1. 10 months ago
    Edited 10 months ago by Th3GreenGamer


    Hello I was just wondering how long I will be banned for a not so welcome texture pack called x ray.

    This is my first time getting banned on any server and obviously I wouldn't do it again cause you would nail me again, I just wanted to help my friends get some tools so they can build faster, also I don't what the rules are here but I saw loads of people get banned daily on (Other Server Name -edited by mod) for x raying and they got like a week max that seems pretty fair to me :D

    Have Mercy, Much Love
    Yours Truly, Yoda_CaKe

  2. Hello, im the mod that banned you. "I dont know what the rules are" is a very bad excuse, ignorance isnt a golden ticket to do whatever you want.

    We unfortunately arent like others servers, in the sense that we do not unban cheaters. We dont have time to babysit every person we give a second chance.

    Best of luck on [REDACTED].

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